Register for new volunteer orientation

New volunteers can register and existing volunteers can log in to the volunteer center to see upcoming training, special projects, new opportunities and log volunteer hours.


What are the benefits to being a volunteer?

Fellowship, teamwork and saving lives, improved skills, drills and certificates, Humanity Road Service Awards and US Presidential Service Awards.

How will I know when to volunteer?

Volunteer hours are flex time and scheduled at your convenience. Skype is used as a virtual platform for organizing our work and disaster responses. Emails are sent to announce large disasters

Do you train volunteers?

Yes! We conduct training using Skype audio calls. Microphones and speakers are helpful. You can sign up for training at the volunteer center

How do you organize your teams?

We work in Self Directed Work Teams. Teams plan and perform the work with mentoring and guidance from staff and team leads. We post volunteer opportunities, training, and drills on our volunteer platform

What if my availability fluctuates?

You can volunteer as little or as much as you like depending on your personal schedule.

What are the benefits of logging my volunteer hours?

When you log your volunteer hours, you can accumulate enough to trade them in for cool rewards! You will find the trade rewards in the volunteer platform.