UNOCHA DHN Pablo Summary

Humanity Road Response
Volunteers mobilized early on December 3, 2012 monitoring the Typhoon for emerging impacts.  Volunteers from Urgent Needs and Animals in Disaster team deployed online to monitor and collect emerging impacts and support  urgent needs.  The team was geospatially distributed from Vienna, Germany, USA, and New Zealand.   Our situation report was released early on December 4 and another one posted on Dec 5 summarizing thedestruction in Cateel.

The Humanity Road twitter account @humanityroad supported and amplified local and official sources in Social Media including National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council (NDRRMC) and Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Cindy Becker and Aline Carr, were instrumental in their many hours of support for our total deployment of this effort.  Information was collected by the team in the coordination room in skype and distributed key information to the public channels.  Aline collected communications and power contacts for the country as part of the situation report and Justine Mackinnon collected official source links in advance of the typhoon making landfall.

Hashtags identified included
#bopha, #pablo, #typhoon, #pabloPH, #bophaPH, #Philippines, #Mindanao, #Visayas, #Hinatuan, #CDO (Cagayan de Oro),  #walangpasok (school cancellations), #reliefPH, rescuePH, #pablosafetytips

DHN Activation
On Wednesday, December 5th Humanity Road received a request to activate on behalf of UNOCHA via the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN).  Since our volunteer network had been monitoring social media prior to activation, we had collected information in advance of activation. The DHN joint solution determined then was to activate both Humanity Road and the Standby Taskforce. The focus for Humanity Road volunteers was the collection and input of reports that were generated prior to December 5th. In order to provide a joint response that is seamless, volunteers submitted reports into the same collection form used by Standby Taskforce volunteers. This streamlined workflow and separating focus of resources on particular dates for data mining improved efficiency of joint resources.

Upon completion of the assignment Humantiy Road volunteers had reviewed thousands of online content and entered 30% of the content contained in the data entry portion of the platform.  Special thank you to Humanity Road volunteers – Cat, Cindy, Aline, Chris, Yakubu for their efforts on this segment of our online response.  For additional information, please also see Summary: Digital Disaster Response to Typhoon.

Volunteers Responding to this event
Bettie Tussey
Christoph Dennenmoser
Cindy Becker
Aline Carr
Yakubu Yakubu
Dave Leng
Caz Milligan
Scott Reuter
Cat Graham
Chris Thompson