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The First Responder

Post by Christine Thompson,
President, Humanity Road

Your first line of defense after disaster is your local community. This includes neighbors, friends, fire department, rescue squad, food bank, churches, synagogues, and social organizations. They weave the fabric of disaster

Search and rescue forces search through a destroyed building with the help of rescue dogs.

Search and rescue forces search through a destroyed building with the help of rescue dogs.

preparedness and response.

Some of these local organizations are also supporting international disaster response groups, and some are already helping the people of Nepal. Local charities are often tiny organizations with even smaller funding sources. They need you. They need volunteers, and they need your financial support.

Humanity Road is partnering with the “Give Local America” campaign to encourage the public to support those organizations. I am excited that Humanity Road will participate in “Give Local America 2015”, and would like to ask everyone to support the people and organizations who work tirelessly and selflessly to keep our community vital and strong. They might be your local churches, food banks, animal shelter or Humanity Road.

It takes a whole community to recover from disaster and we support our local community. Give Back America.

Give Local America is a 24-hour online give-athon meant to link hundreds of thousands or millions of small donors to some 7,000 local non-profits across the U.S. It is a day designed for local, hometown causes, bringing small nonprofits to a national stage to raise awareness and put donor dollars toward making change in their community.

How can you be a part of this important campaign? Choose your charity – we hope you choose Humanity Road.


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Humanity Road supports aid agencies and first responders during natural disaster. We relay urgent needs to those who can respond. Tens of thousands of people have received aid because of supporters like you. Help us close the black hole of communications when disaster strikes.

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Christine Thompson
President, Humanity Road