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Iowa Tornado Outbreak July 19, 2018

Several tornadoes tore through Iowa late Thursday, flattening homes and businesses, overturning cars and causing several injuries. According to the National Weather Service, there were 28 reports of tornadoes, mostly in Iowa. The hardest hit areas were the central Iowa cities of Pella, Marshalltown and Bondurant. As of Friday morning, no deaths have been reported in Iowa due to the storms.

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FEMA Region 8



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Iowa State Government


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Greater Iowa Red Cross



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Emergency Numbers and helplines

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • 911 - for life and death emergencies, need rescue, trapped in home, people with disabilities who need life saving medication

Information Helplines

  • Polk County

    • General Assistance: Those in need of financial assistance with bills, rent and other flood expenses can call (515) 286-2088

    • Health Dept: For medical assessment, help with medications and tetanus vaccines, call (515) 286-3798 source

    • Mental Health: Residents in need of mental health services and resources call (515) 243-4545 source

  • Greater Iowa Red Cross: For clean-up kits, case management, food, clothing assistance and other resources, call (515) 243-7681 source

  • Iowa Legal Aid: For legal assistance for tenants with damage, questions and concerns, call (515) 243-1193 source

  • 211 - 2-1-1 is a three-digit helpline that connects anyone with local support and resources. Professionals are trained to quickly assess a caller’s needs and identify the best solution. 2-1-1 is free, confidential, and available any time. Types of assistance offered through Iowa 211: Rent assistance, Food pantries, Affordable housing, Utility assistance, Health and mental, health resources, Child care and after-school programs, Elderly care, Job training programs, Legal services, Crisis intervention, Disability services, Volunteer opportunities

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Pictures and videos

  • Video - Tornadoes sweep across Iowa via TIME

  • Video - Severe Weather Caused Several Tornadoes USA Today

  • Video - Bondurant, Pela, Marshalltown Tornadoes Devastate Iowa KETV News 7

  • Video - Iowa Storm Chase storm footage

  • Video1 Video 2 - Prairie City Tornado

  • Video1 Video 2 Video3 Bondurant (twin tornadoes)

  • Photo - Wood pierces car bumper Marshalltown Iowa

  • Photo - Double tornado North of Altoona between Altoona and Bondurant

  • Photo - Adventureland Altoona Rollercoaster with Tornado in background

  • Photo - Cone Tornado in Pela Iowa

Photo - Damage to Lennox building in Marshalltown


Status of Hospitals

July 20

July 19

  • Marshalltown Hospital Closed Due to Tornado Damage. No patients or staff were injured. Emergency Department moved to Medical Park at 55 Central Iowa Dr. source

  • Pella Regional Health Center : received 7 patients, all with minor injuries who have been released. source

Special Needs DAFN

Resources for those with disabilities, accessibility and functional needs.

Iowa State Department of Aging




Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging:



Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (serves Marshalltown)



List of Nursing Homes in Marshalltown


Meals On Wheels

call Iowa Home Care at (641)-752-5545


List of Food Pantries close to Marshalltown


Child & Adult Care Food Program in Marshalltown

call (641) 754-1715

List of Kidney Dialysis Centers near Marshalltown:

search results source

Iowa Association of the Deaf (IAD)

videophone: 402-206-2413


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National Association of the Deaf (NAD)


Deaf Services Commission of Iowa


Iowa Department for the Blind

call (515) 281-1333




Iowa Disability Benefit Programs:

call (319) 353-8777


List of Iowa Autism Resources:


Marshalltown IA Social Security office:

call 1-877-819-2595

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs:

call (515)-252-4698


Division of Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS):

call (515)-281-3128



Communications Status

Tornado damage has caused a number of emergency situations. Stay off cell lines to ensure emergency communications can go through. Please use the City of Marshalltown Facebook page to communicate important non emergent information and helpful comments.

Power and Fuel Status

  • Pella Cooperative Electric is down to four outages. Due to lines torn down and tree damage, they will take longer to restore. Source

  • Alliant energy has notified us that they are blowing the vent system out around the Veterans Home area so there may be a gas smell. If you feel this is not the situation call 1/800- ALLIANT.

  • @AlliantEnergyIA says there are still over 6,000 customers without power in Marshalltown. They are still working to restore power @KCRG source

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Situation Updates by County

Jasper County Population 27,820

  • Jasper County City of Prairie officials report they confirmed six tornadoes near Prairie City and at least three near Monroe. No serious damage has been reported source

Marion County Population 33,309

  • County-wide updates :

    • Marion County residents and businesses that incurred property damage from the severe weather are encouraged to self report their damage. Reports should be made by emailing information such as name, address, and the type of damage to Source

July 20:

    • One reported tornado hit a company in Pella town, about 40 miles from Des Moines, sending at least seven people from Vermeer Corporation to hospital with injuries. source

    • The tornado hit around 4:00 p.m. in the midst of a customer appreciation event. More than 3,000 people were at the plant when the tornado tore through. source

    • the tornado destroyed two Vermeer buildings and the waste treatment facility. source

    • Officials reported wind speeds of 60 miles per hour that caused downed trees, especially in the south side of town. source

    • The Pella Tornado has been rated an EF-3 with estimated peak wind speeds of 144 mph. source

Marshall County Population 27,552

  • County-wide updates

July 20:

    • Marshall County Emergency Management - For those that are calling the office for assistance, please call the communications center at 641-754-5725 for non emergency calls and 911 for emergencies. Source

July 20:

    • Red Cross shelter moving to the Marshalltown YMCA. Doors open at 3pm today (Friday). Current shelter clients are being shuttled from @MeskwakiCasino -Hotel to the @MarshalltownY source

    • Marshall County Iowa Sheriff's Office: A state of emergency was declared in Marshalltown due to the tornado and a 9 p.m. curfew is in place for the city. Please avoid the north side of town. Source

    • Unity Point Marshalltown Hospital is closed due to tornado damage. No patients or staff were injured Emergency Department moved to Medical Park at 55 Central Iowa Dr. Source All 40 of the patients were being transferred to the health system's larger hospital in Waterloo as well as one in Grundy Center, Source

    • The police department is unoccupied at this time due to damage and a gas leak in the area. source

    • The City has placed a dumpster for the disposal of storm debris from the downtown damage. The dumpster is located behind the Tremont building in the parking lot. source

    • The City of Marshalltown Compost Facility, 901 Woodland Street, will be open from morning to 8pm until further notice for residents to drop off tree debris from the storm on July 19th. The Compost Facility will not accept building materials or other non-compostable items. source

    • Marshalltown City Hall will be closed on Friday, July 20th, due to the tornado damage that occurred on the 19th. Updates regarding operations for next week will be posted when available. The Coliseum, located at 20 West State Street, will be closed until further notice. source

    • The Red Cross has set up a station across from the Fire Station for any citizens that have immediate shelter needs.

    • The Red Cross has set up at the YMCA. source

    • The Emergency Food Box, 109 S 3rd St, Marshalltown, is open. source

    • We wound up with 28 people overnight in our @GreaterIA_ARC #RedCross shelter at the @MeskwakiCasino-Hotel last night in Tama. source

Polk County 467,700

July 20:

    • Bondurant Recovery Assistance Center - American Legion Hall 315 2nd St NW. You will need a Bondurant ID or vehicle registration to enter the secured area source

    • If you need help with debris cleanup, please contact City Hall at 515.967.2418. source

    • If you have found personal items that may belong to a tornado victim, please bring those items to Bondurant City Hall at 200 2nd St NE source