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2018 Hurricane Willa

This situation report was published on October 24, 2018 and contains social media account information and situational updates by state. It does not represent all states. Humanity Road activated its disaster desk in advance of ladfall of Hurricane Willa.

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Baja California Sur State Population: 763,929




Governor of BCS

Proteccion Civil

Significant Updates (most recent first)

  • 10/24 Escuinapa, Teacapan are "incomunicada" and difficult to reach by road due to downed power lines and power poles source

  • 10/22 Facebook activates it’s Safety Check for Hurricane Willa source

  • 10/24 More volunteers arrive from CruzRoja Mazatlán the municipality to Escuinapa support the urgent work of humanitarian assistance for HuracánWilla source

  • 10/24 Sinaloa Red Cross opening contact recovery module between relatives in the hostel with the largest population in Escuinapa source

Colima State

Population: 711,235

Hashtag #Colima




Durango State

Population: 1,755,000


Governor: Dr. José Rosas Aispuro Torres



Attorney General of the State Tel. (618) 1373730, 1373502 and 03

Directory of Civil Protection source

Fire Department: 618-137-9598

  • Oct 24 HuracánWilla affected the electric power service to 4 thousand 991 homes and businesses, 99% of those have already been restored. source

  • Oct 24 There is venting of the Guadalupe Victoria Dam happening. source

  • Oct 24 200 people from the community of La Soledad are evacuated, 26 people are transferred to a shelter installed in the CECyTED. source

  • Oct 24 List of Shelters source

  • Oct 24 State of the dams of the disc. Irrigation 052 at #Durango 12:00 pm on Wed source

  • Oct 24 Roads Durango-Mazatlán are closed until further notice. source

Islas Marías Archipelago

Isla Maria Madre

Population: 1,200 residents

Islas Marías Penitentiary Complex (Population: 8,000)

Comprised of the Islas María Madre, María Magdalena, María Cleofas, and San Juanito.

The access is limited to government employees and Navy members. source

  • 24 Oct Hurricane 'Willa' hit the Marias Islands this day, about 100 kilometers from the coast that has a natural reserve and a federal prison. Federal authorities declined to comment on the precautions they took in prison, citing security reasons. source

  • 22 Oct Islas Marias is directly in the path of Willa source

Jalisco State

Population: 8,256,100

Hashtag #Jal #Jalisco





Protección Civil Jalisco

  • 23 Oct At the moment we have more than 2,700 people evacuated, we have 23 shelters, more than 80 people from the State Civil Protection and in DIF and other areas coordinated with the Ministry of the Navy and the Federal Government, source

Nayarit State

Hashtag #Nay #Nayarit

Population: 1,181,050





Proteccion Civil Nayarit

  • Oct 24 They evacuate 20 thousand people in Nayarit for overflowing rivers. source

  • The rivers in the northern area of the state Nayarit have exceeded their levels of alert, it is necessary to proceed to evacuation. source

  • Oct 24 No way to Tecuala, the road is impassable due to river overflowing source

Sinaloa State


State Map of Emergency Shelters:

Population: 2,966,321

Governor: Quirino Ordaz Coppel



Oct 24 A citizen center in Mazatlan has been set up by DIF. Urgent needs are non-perishable food, toiletries, cleaning supplies for home, baby milk powder, baby wipes and insect repellent. Call (669) 915-80-00 Ext. 1224 source

  • Oct 24 one of the structures affected was the General Hospital of #Escuinapa in Sinaloa Image

  • Oct 24 Communications are out in Escuinapa source

  • Oct 24 Winds cause damage in Escuinapa Sinaloa, Images

  • Oct 23 #Willa made landfall at 7 PM MDT near Isla Del Bosque, Sinaloa, or about 10 miles (15 km) south of Escuinapa Satellite image

Emergency Numbers

Federal Police 088 Police - 066 066 can be used as a general emergency number

Ambulance - 065 Fire - 068


  • General Hospital of Escuinapa in Sinaloa one of the structures affected was the General Hospital of #Escuinapa in Sinaloa Image One of the affected structures was the General Hospital of Escuinapa. According to the Ministry of Health of Sinaloa, the damages were only material on the soffits of one of the corridors, in addition to the breakage of windows. source Oct 24

Baja California Sur

List of Hospitals


List of Hospitals


List of Hospitals

A medical brigade is transferred to the community of El Pueblito source


List of Hospitals

List of Doctors List


List of Hospitals


List of Hospitals

List of Doctors list

Reunification Sites

Special Needs / Vulnerable Populations

Special Needs Helpful Links:



Hearing Aids

Mental Health

Counseling call: Phone 01-800-842-8462





Transportation, Infrastructure, and Road Conditions

The Infiernillo Dam ("Little hell"), also known as Adolfo López Mateos Dam, is an embankment dam on the Balsas River near La Unión, Guerrero, Mexico.


The principal operators in Mexico are Telcel, AT&T, Movistar, and Virgin Mobile.

  • Power and communications are reported to impact over 100K people source

  • Oct 24 Communications are out in Escuinapa source

  • Oct 24 Citizens without internet in some locations in Jalisca and Nayurit are leveraging Firechat source


Comision Federal de Electricidad: Telephone 071


Twitter: @CFEmx

  • Oct 24 Willa caused damage to the electrical infrastructure in #Nayarit, #Sinaloa, #Durango and # Michoacán @CFEmx works intensely to recover the service and serve its customers source

  • Oct 24 supply of electricity to more than 100,929 households and businesses were impacted, of these, the @CFEmx service has been restored for 62% source

Twitter Accounts

Emerging Hashtags: #Willa #Huracán, #Pacífico, #Jalisco, #México

FaceBook Accounts

Radio - Commercial Stations and Ham Radio

Colima radio stations online

Guerrero radio stations online

Jalisco radio stations online

Michoacan radio stations online

Nayarit radio stations online

@C7Jalisco Digital News Agency

@informador Municipal News Agency

  • Oct 22 Emergency #hamradio frequencies due to #HurricaneWilla are at 7.060, 7.130, 14.120 -#Mexican radio amateurs are requesting those frequencies be kept clear for emergency traffic. source ,

Maps and Situational Awareness

  • Oct 24 ECHO Daily Hurricane Path Willa PDF

Videos and Photos

  • Escuinapa: damage photos source

  • Video of river flooding in Durango source

  • Video of The green water village was completely under water in Nayarit source

Volunteers Reporting

Alice, Ann, Allyson, Crystal, Cindy, Marielena, Jaime