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Japan Typhoon 19 / Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) made landfall on October 10, 2019 just before 1900 local time at Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. In advance of the typhoon, millions of people across Japan were asked to evacuate due to the risk of landslides and flooding. Humanity Road activated it’s disaster desk on October 12, 2019 as Typhoon 19 began impacting multiple prefectures.

As of 0100 October 14, an estimated 15 prefectures have been impacted by historic rainfall, flooding, and landslides, 31 people have died, 186 people were injured, and 14 people are missing. An estimated 59,100 households are without power. A total of 142 rivers overflowed and there were breakdown of river banks in 21 rivers at 24 locations.

This situation report number one provides useful official disaster resources and situational information based on early indications in social media.

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Significant Updates

14 Oct

  • NHK reported that as of October 14, at 1:00am, 31 people have been killed, 14 people are missing, and 186 people have been injured across 28 prefectures. source

  • The number of households without power is approximately 59,100 as of 12:00 AM on October 14 source

13 Oct

  • Overnight in Nagano prefecture, rescues continued in the dark, and the prefecture government provided information to the public in social media source

  • Ministry of Defense, Self-Defense Forces deployed 31,000 people, 8 ships, and about 130 aircraft. In addition, the SDF has rescued about 430 people from river flooding and landslides so far (17:00 today) source

  • Soma City - specific health checkups and various cancer screenings will change schedule due to the water outage caused by the typhoon source

  • Nagoya City Fire Department dispatched its fire helicopter to Nagano Prefecture to assist with rescues source

  • A nursing home in Saitama Prefecture was evacuated after 220 people were stranded due to flood source

  • The Prime Minister deployed 110,000 people to assist including police, fire department, maritime capm, and the self-defense forces source

  • As of Oct 13 at 1700 Report #5 DOCOMO mobile phones and “DOCOMO Hikari” service are not available or are difficult to use in some areas. See full list of impacts source

  • East Japan Railway reported one third of its bullet trains were damaged source

  • In just 48 hours, the city of Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture received 1001 mm (39 inches) of rain source

  • Due to the Tone River Flood Risk Level, Chiba Prefecture has announced an evacuation advisory Katori City, Choshi City, Narita City source

  • City of Yaita has published details by district on shelter locations and number of current evacuees sheltering source

12 Oct

  • Emergency Wi-Fi Service are being offered free of charge in six prefectures - Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki and Shizuoka. Network Name: 00000JAPAN source

  • A tornado hit parts of Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture on Saturday, destroying 12 houses and damaging more than 70 others source

Emergency Numbers

Website https://www.tokyo-icc.jp/guide_eng/kinkyu/01.html

110 Emergency call to Police

118 Emergency call to Coast Guard

119 Emergency call Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Rescue

Hospitals and Vulnerable Population

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Recent Updates

14 Oct

  • As of 0500 Health ministry officials say two hospitals in both Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures and one hospital in each of Tokyo and Nagano prefectures are flooded and power has been lost at nine hospitals in Kanagawa Prefecture, four in Tochigi Prefecture, three each in Tokyo and Nagano prefectures and one in Saitama Prefecture source

13 Oct

  • Setagaya Memorial Hospital 170 patients, most of whom are the elderly are in the hospital. All of them have been moved to the third floor or higher floors source

  • Kawagoe Kings Garden nursing home in Saitama Prefecture was evacuated after 220 people were stranded due to flood source

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Pictures and Videos

  • Video of Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture source

  • Video of water rescue source

  • Houses in Nagano are submerged Sunday after the Chikuma River overflowed source