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Citizens in India stand outside a bus on a bridge that crosses a body of water, the bridge has washed out stranding them.

Humanity Road activated its disaster desk on August 2, 2017 as a result of significant flooding in India. During the 2017 monsoon season in India, parts of the States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram,...

Map image indicating location of over 7000 roads that are flooded in Chennai India

Chennai, India has been experiencing record-breaking rains and flooding since early November. Beginning on 1 December, the rain intensified again creating more flooding and causing thousands of people to be stranded and trapped. An estimated 188 people have died, and over 200,000 have been...

three photos of flooding in India, in one a mother dog is carrying one of her puppies or another dog across the flooded river

The disaster desk was activated on September 7, 2014 following heavy rains, unprecedented floods occurred in portions of Jammu and Kashmir region. The death toll to date is reported to be between 120 – 160. Five days of incessant rains in Indian-controlled Kashmir has caused the region’s worst...