USGS Map indicating the location of Ecuador 7.4 earthquake  that occurred on Apr 21 2016

Ecuador Earthquake April 2016

Humanity Road activated its Disaster Response Team on 16 April 2016 in response to a 7.8 earthquake that occurred at 23:58:37 (UTC), 6:58pm ECT, near Muisne, Ecuador. As of 17:00 on 17 April, 246 people have died and over 2,557 have been injured (source). A national state of emergency has been declared, and the national emergency operations center (EOC) has been activated. The ECU 911 system has been activated along with the military, the national police, and the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works. Assistance is being accepted from other countries. This situation report is based on information found in social media and includes information from 16 and 17 April 2016.

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