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Mexico Flooding

What Happened
NASA Terra satellite imagePhoto source NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this image of the two storms on the morning of September 15. 

Sep 19 Status –
Tropical Storm Manuel dumped up to 24 inches of rain on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, provoking floods and mudslides in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Puebla, Hidalgo, Michoacan and Veracruz. The Interior Ministry estimated 1.2 million Mexicans were affected by the storms, while at least 55 lives were likely lost. The storm trapped an estimated 40,000 tourists in Acapulco for the long Independence Day weekend as sections of the Mexico City highway were wiped out.


Hurricane Ingrid: In addition to Hurricane Manuel, those living on Mexico’s Gulf Coast were recovering from the remnants of Hurricane Ingrid, and in the south, a storm system over the Yucatan Peninsula was likely to become a tropical cyclone.

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Police, Fire, Ambulance – 066/060/080
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@eruviel_avila Governor of the State of Mexico

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Satellite map before Hurricane Manuel made landfall on Sep 19 – Map on Route from Acapulco to Mexico –
Wikipedia List of hospitals
Sep 19The Archdiocese of Acapulco has suspended church services and instructed priests to turn their parishes into support centers after torrential rains on one of the busiest weekends of the year left the city cut off from other parts of Mexico. 

Guerrero (Sep 20)

List of temporary shelters:

Sinaloa (Sep 19)

List of temporary shelters –

Veracruz (Sep 20)

Temporary shelters are open in Benito Juárez and in las casas del Campesino de Úrsulo Galván y Cempoala (Source)

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Red Cross
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Red Cross Collections Sites:

The Mexican Red Cross is accepting food donations at its locations in Ciudad Victoria and Tampico, Tamaulipas; in Acapulco, Guerrero; in Mexico City, and in Calle Juan Luis Vives number 200, in Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo. (Source)

Guerrero – Volunteer Opportunities (Sep 20)
Urgent Needs Information
Unconfirmed in Acapulco:  “@eruviel_avila mi esposa requiere de medicamentos de corazon hay escasees de alimentos saqueos y robos. ay denos a salir de acapulco.”
Machine translation: “@ eruviel_avila my wife heart drug requires no food escasees looting and theft. woe acapulco give us to leave.”
Sep 19  -Acapulco airport  is closed Source  and PhotoMazatlan airport is open Source

Directory of Airports in Mexico Website

Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions:
Sep 18 Bridge connecting Acapulco to Zihuatanejo collapsed via CNN MexicoSee below for impacts by State

Chihuahua State

Sep 16 State of Disaster Declared for Chihuahua and Juarez  source: Civil ProtectionSep 19 Photo Juarez

Guerrero State

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Emergency Numbers in Chilpancingo, Iguala, Taxco, Acapulco –


Shelters (Sep 20)

List of temporary shelters:

List of refugees in shelters in Acapulco:


Relief (Sep 20)

Donations Centers –


Volunteer Opportunities (Sep 20)


Situation (Sep 19)

–Information Map on Route from Acapulco to Mexico –

–Food supplies are being brought in by sea and air.  The governor is urging people not to buy in a panic because it will cause food shortages. (Source)

–Bridges and Roads are severely impacted Photo Stream:

Huehuetepec (Atlamajalcingo del Monte) 539 pop, Estación Ixtle  landslide reported at Approx Lat: 25.950001 Long -100.750000

Coyuca de Benítez Bridge collapsed Photo

Iliatenco: Situation Report & Photo FB 32 houses wiped out and community is closed off by impacts. focus is to fix entrance to San Luis #Acatlan

Atoyac de Alvarez:  Bridge is washed away Photo FB

Jalisco State

Atoyac city: Mudslide reported in Atoyac city, Jalisco State (city Coordinates: 19°52′20″N 103°20′40″W / 19.87222°N) (source)Sep 19 Status – Jalisco

Three people dead (in Teocuitatlán, Juanacatlán and Quitupan).

– 800 people affected in general terms.

– 300 households were affected, not structural, but by flooding and loss of mainly home runs.

– Three schools with damage that will be repaired by the Ministry of Education Jalisco.

– 24 villages or towns were cut off temporarily, and all are properly communicated.

– 10 roads affected four to six federal state. All are already enabled, but one where a bridge collapsed. It is estimated that in a few days is restored.

– 13 rivers and streams overflowed.

– Four dams were at full capacity.


The 13 municipalities of Jalisco to receive the emergency declaration:


Cabo Corrientes, Cuautitlan Garcia Barragan, Gómez Farías, Sayula, Santa María del Oro, San Gabriel, Tamazula, Tonaya, Tuxcacuesco, Tuxpan, Venustiano Carranza, Torres and Zapotiltic Zacoalco. Source:


Michoacan State

Government WebsiteGovernment Twitter (@gobmichoacan) 

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Atención Ciudadana: 01(800)455-45-00

Emergencias (Emergencies): 066

Cruz Roja (Red Cross): 065


Sep 19

21 municipalities affected:  Lázaro Cárdenas, Arteaga, Ario de Rosales, Huetamo, San Lucas, Tacámbaro, Coahuayana, Turicato, Múgica, Tumbiscatío, Pátzcuaro, y Churumuco.


Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) Michoacán has provided relief supplies, such as food, hygiene items, and blankets to 13 municipalities including: Huetamo, San Lucas, Coalcomán, Ario de Rosales.  The public can make donations at DIF headquarters between 9am and 10pm. (Source)

Sinaloa State

The state of Sinaloa is located in Northwestern Mexico. The state covers an area of 57,377 square kilometers (22,153 sq mi), and includes the Islands of Palmito Verde, Palmito de la Virgen, Altamura, Santa María, Saliaca, Macapule and San Ignacio.  In addition to the capital city, the state’s important cities include Mazatlán and Los Mochis. (Source)Government Website

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Sep 20

–58% of electricity has been restored. (Source)


Shelters (Sep 19)

List of temporary shelters –

–Shelter located at Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa (School of Accounting) in Mazatlan has English and French translators on duty

–Polideportivo de Mazatlán (Mazatlan Sports Center) will be a repository for food and supplies.


Situation – Sep 19

Angostura: municipal government reported some drains overflow in Ignacio Allende, the Reformation, El Ranchito and Lara Ca -isolated from communications

Mocorito: authorities reported flooding and isolated areas due to overflow Huamaya channel

Navolato: coastal area is flooded and authorities reported 500 victims

Culiaca:  Minor Flooding

–The Mazatlan-Durango highway is closed due to damage from a mudslide near El Palmito, Durango.


All state offices in North Central area closed.  Health, law enforcement, and disaster relief personnel remain on duty to assist the population.  Led by Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez, the Security Cabinet and the Board of the State System of Civil Protection, in coordination with the Mexican Army and Navy, are in permanent session to establish the actions to be under development natural phenomenon. (Source)


Sep 18 – Hurricane warning area between Topolobampo, Los Mochis, Icesave and Guamúchil.  Classes suspended throughout the state.  Rescue teams on alert, Civil Defence, security elements, Army and Navy. (Source)

Tamaulipas State

Government WebsiteGovernment Twitter (@GobTam) 

Relief and Donation Sites:

–The Mexican Red Cross is accepting food donations at its locations in Ciudad Victoria and Tampico, Tamaulipas. (Source)

–22 Centros Regionales de Desarrollo Educativo (Regional Education Development Centers) throughout the state will receive donations. They will be accepting non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items.  For a list of needed items, see here: Source


Situation – Sep 19

–Tamaulipas state officials confirmed that more than 6,500 people have taken refuge in 57 shelters.

–Ingrid swept through southern Tamaulipas bringing heavy rains, flooding and damage.  The heaviest damage occurred in Soto La Marina, a city just north of Tampico.

–Both the Cruz Roja Mexicana and government officials are feeding and provide basic assistance to evacuees. (Source)


33 municipalities were affected by Hurricane Ingrid.  The Governor has established a damage assessment committee to assess damages done by Hurricane Ingrid.  He also signed a declaration of disaster so the Ministry of Interior could begin rehabilitating roads, water systems, electricity, and housing. (Source)


DIF Tamaulipas, Desarrollo Social, Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross), and las Fuerzas Armadas de México (Army) have delivered 13,000 relief kits with food, cleaning supplies, and medications to 27 municipalities. (Source)

Veracruz State

Government WebsiteGovernment Twitter 

Shelters (Sep 20)

–Temporary shelters are open in Benito Juárez and in las casas del Campesino de Úrsulo Galván y Cempoala (Source)


Relief (Sep 19)

–The Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) has delivered relief supplies to 500 families in 3 communities:  La Viva, Guzmán Neyra, and Reserva Patrimonial. (Source)


Situation (Sep 20)

The towns of El Grillito, La Paz, 20 de Noviembre, and El Carmen in colonias de Cempoala  were evacuated on Sep 20 as a precaution due to heavy rains causing flooding of the River Actopan.  The residents are in temporary shelters in Benito Juárez and in las casas del Campesino de Úrsulo Galván y Cempoala (Source)

Government and emergency authorities are assessing damages and is working to repair 18 bridges, has cleared 42 roads, and has cleared 13 roads covered by landslides.

–The River Panuco overflowed and flooded Platón Sánchez, Tempoal, El Higo, Pánuco, Tampico Alto, Pueblo Viejo, and Ozuluama (Source)

–Sep 16 Mudslides impact Altatonga, Veracruz Photo Stream: The Informer

–Hurricane Ingrid damaged more than 1,000 homes, 20 highways, and 12 bridges.  A bridge collapsed near the northern city of Misantla, cutting off the area from the state capital, Xalapa. (Source)

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