The EM Deck is a training aid for emergency management professionals, virtual operations support teams (VOST), disaster response agencies and partners. The 78 card deck of role playing cards was developed by Humanity Road, Inc. a worldwide leader in social media emergency management. The cards help to quickly create scenarios for emergency management exercises.

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  • $25.00

The EM Deck is a simple to use deck of role playing cards for training, workshops, and table top exercises.

These cards include fifteen disasters, thirty one stakeholders, 25 challenges, and come with instructions on how to hold three practice assessments, and two role playing exercises. The cards are great as a teaching or training aid for SMEM instructors and add fun engagement for participants in workshops and conference breakout sessions.

The deck is Ideal for Citizen Corps, Citizen Emergency Response Teams, Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Centers, Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster (VOAD), law enforcement, local emergency planning committees, or virtual operations support teams (VOST) teams.