Two sisters created an award winning charity that saves lives

Humanity Road was founded in 2010 by Chris Thompson and Cat Graham, twin sisters who created the organization to connect people, animals and emergency officials with help and resources when disaster strikes. Humanity Road pioneered the new generation of humanitarian relief through social listening. They built a process focused on early adoption and improvement in response to sudden onset disaster.

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Our History

In 2018, Christine Thompson was honored by TIAA as one of the top 100 Difference Makers in the United States.

In 2016, the organization was recognized by the United Nations Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) at the World Humanitarian Summit. Humanity Road was one of only 100 nonprofits in the world to be showcased in its Innovation Marketplace.

In 2015, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified Humanity Road as one of only 7 organizations selected for the FEMA Tech Sector to help solve critical needs through innovative applications of technology. Learn more

For the third year in a row, In 2014 Humanity Road participated in Pacific Endeavor, an international preparedness exercise program for nations in the Pacific Rim. Humanity Road helped design and support the 22 partner nation communications preparedness exercise. The program focus for 2014 was to prepare for a catastrophic earthquake in Kathmandu Nepal. Note: just six months later, the same countries responded to a catastrophic earthquake in Nepal.

In 2012 we were activated to support a small community in Rockaway Beach, New York. We deployed a citizen-run command center with communications and coordination assistance. The center assisted over 48,000 people and won the prestigious Rick Rescorla Award.

Our Leadership

Chris Thompson headshot

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson is President and Co-Founder of Humanity Road; a nonprofit organization dedicated to educate the public before, during and after disaster on how to survive, sustain and reunite with loved ones. Ms. Thompson has extensive experience establishing, leading and managing large teams and 28 years product deployment experience including cutting edge communications products. In 2003, Ms Thompson developed a unique wireless rural broadband concept that won Verizon Avenue the distinguished Broadband Provider of the year. In 2005, Ms. Thompson developed and implemented the first...

Cat Graham headshot

Catherine Graham

Cat Graham is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Humanity Road. With more than 20 years experience in supporting those impacted by disaster, Ms. Graham is an expert in designing disaster preparedness exercises . She has participated in the development of exercises for Samoa, New Zealand, United States Department of Defense, European Command, Pacific Command, Graham is an active and requested participant in disaster-related conferences globally and continues to advance the mission of Humanity Road and its digital disaster community of volunteers.

D. Cary Mitchell Headshot

D. Cary Mitchell

Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member. Partner with the Washington, D.C. law firm of Blooston Mordkofsky Dickens Duffy & Prendergast, LLP, where he advises rural telephone companies and entrepreneurs on wireless telecom legal and regulatory matters. Mr. Mitchell has worked as a volunteer at the Embassy of Haiti in Washington where he helped organize a team of volunteers and members of the Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee in establishing an integrated crisis information web site and volunteer portal to serve the needs of the Haitian Diaspora in the aftermath of the...

Art Botterell headshot

Art Botterell

Board member. Art has extensive experience in disaster response with FEMA and state and local agencies as well as internationally. A founding trustee of the non-profit Partnership for Public Warning, Art was the originator and architect of the Common Alerting Protocol standard underlying advanced public warning systems in the U.S. and worldwide. Over his career Art has worked as a systems analyst, a radio and TV broadcast engineer, a broadcast and print journalist and an online advertising executive. He describes his focus as “exploring ways to use technology to help people cope with...

Robert A Enholm Headshot

Robert A. Enholm

Director Emeritus. Robert A. Enholm became a Director of Humanity Road in 2010 and served as Treasurer 2010 - 2017. He has long been an advocate of employing emerging technologies to aid response in humanitarian crises. He is currently the Executive Director of The President Woodrow Wilson House museum located in Washington, D.C., where visitors can see the home in which President and Mrs. Wilson lived after they left the White House in 1921 and also reexamine the legacy of President Wilson’s ideas. Previously Bob was the President of Citizens for Global Solutions, a...

Rick Reed headshot

Rick Reed

Board member. Rick Reed, PhD is an Emergency Manager, Crisis Communicator, and Online Media Researcher at Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley where he helps detect, prevent, and manage product and corporate reputation issues. Rick has crisis management experience in both public and private sectors. He’s a graduate of Notre Dame de Namur University (BS, Human Services), Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management (MS, Technology Management), and Fielding Graduate University (PhD, Psychology with an emphasis in Media Psychology). When he’s not helping Intel...

Churck Hardy Headshot

Chuck Hardy

Board Member. Chuck Hardy, USAF (Ret.) has expertise in the integration of US military capabilities with global humanitarian and disaster response operations. Chuck currently serves Webster University as an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior. He also serves as Chairman of Volunteers with the American Red Cross, Service to the Armed Forces. An Air Force Aviator, with 27 years of experience, Chuck retired from active duty in 2007. During his active duty career, Chuck flew combat and humanitarian operations over the Middle-East, Europe, Asia, and Pacific regions. In his final...


History in Pictures

2016 Humanity Road Disaster Response Team Tours FEMA National Response Coordination Center
Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Beach New York
2016 Cat Graham signs the Agenda for Humanity at the World Humanitarian Summit
2014 Humanity Road practices disaster response in Kathmandu Nepal 6 months before the earthquake.
2015 Humanity Road selected for FEMA Tech Sector
Photo of Aline hosting the disaster response table after Moore OK tornado
2018 Tabletop Exercise
2017 Hurricane Irma Deployment Florida
Photo of Heat Map 2017 Hurricane Harvey Response
Volunteers surround Chris Thompson on the deck at the recent volunteer retreat.

Our Volunteers

Humanity Road is driven by digital volunteers, who are located around the world. Working from their homes, our disaster response volunteers work in virtual self-directed work teams to monitor social media and respond to disasters. They not only provide crucial information to people impacted by disasters but also work to connect people and animals in need directly with assistance providers. When not responding to disasters, volunteers assist with disaster preparedness projects, volunteer training, information technology projects, and fundraising.


“Humanity Road is one of the most inspiring and relevant non profits that I have worked with in recent times. With a passion to help people during the disasters, the tools, support, the volunteers are always there providing reliable and accurate data & information. A truly digital humanitarian organisation in spirit & grit making sure there is always someone to help!” Read this review on Great NonProfits

“Working with Humanity Road is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my many years of volunteering. Exemplary leadership, training and support for digital disaster response.” Read review on Great NonProfits

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