When disaster strikes, Humanity Road connects people, animals and emergency officials with help and resources.

2017 Operations Summary

Every year, we help thousands of people around the world impacted by disasters. In 2017, volunteers responded to 65 events in 19 countries.

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Using Innovative Technology to Save Lives

When disaster strikes, Humanity Road is helping to solve critical needs through innovative applications of technology.

Humanity Road has been honored for its innovative approach by the United Nations and is a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Tech Sector. Recognized as the global leader in digital disaster response, Humanity Road consistently receives high reviews from clients served, volunteers and professionals in the industry and wins top awards at Great Nonprofits.org.

Humanity Road maintains a Gold level participant status with Guidestar for financial transparency. Review our financial reports

We are the industry leader in social listening during disaster response; but behind all of that technology are the real stories about life saving efforts and the true heart of our volunteers. Read more here

Client Reviews


Having a PhD in Disaster Risk Reduction, I was keen on applying the theoretical knowledge gained from my studies into real disaster scenarios. Working at Humanity Road gave me the practical skills that helped to secure the position as Associate Researcher at a consultancy company specialised on examining social and legal aspects associated with disaster and security management. Humanity Road Volunteer - Read Review on Great Nonprofits


Just a brief note to let you know how hard and fast these folks work!! I arrived in Cudjoe Key FL 8 days after complete annihilation as a result of Irma. Before we knew it, the troops had arrived and set up internet connections! It was the first and only way to get communications out of our area. In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Thompson. She very kind and took some time just to reassure me that it would be ok! So grateful these folks were there at Big Pine when I needed them! Thank you! - Big Pine Key Florida Resident - Read Review on Great Nonprofits

I was happy to provide Logistics Support to Humanity Road, delivering essential items to their operation in Big Pine Key, FL after Hurricane Irma. Most recently, they connected me with a specialized technical advisor who is now assisting us to plan an innovative radio communications system for partners working in the mountains of western Puerto Rico. Disaster Response Aid Provider - Read Review on Great Nonprofits

When it counted most, Humanity Road provided digital, remote volunteers to participate in a virtual phone bank. They were able answer phones from survivors in Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. They listened to their stories, and entered their work requests on crisiscleanup.org. I, and those survivors, are in debt to the service Humanity Road volunteers gave when it mattered most. - Aaron Titus, Executive Director - Crisis Cleanup Read Review on Great NonProfits

New Zealand

"I reached out to Humanity Road on behalf of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management in NZ. We're engaging with them around capability building for our public information function and exercise planning and development. Cat has been wonderful, happy to share knowledge, answer questions and provide advice. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship in the future." - Emergency Manager Read Review on Great NonProfits


I run a small non-for-profit tech company in Kathmandu. My team worked closely with Humanity Road after the earthquake in Nepal, particularly to operate quakemap.org that my team deployed right after the earthquake. Humanity Road helped us to collect, verify, and process reports coming to the quakemap platform. Quakemap was used as one of the key information sources in Nepal's earthquake response and relief work. In addition, they created Situation Reports periodically based on the information available in quakemap.org and other sources. The report was used by different humanitarian agencies. This was the first time I worked with Humanity Road directly. I found them open and highly professional. I am impressed with their practical advise and inspired by their passion in helping people in crisis. They were always accessible in Skype, emails etc. when I needed them. It was great experience working with them. - Nama Raj Budhathoki, Ph.D., Executive Director Kathmandu Living Labs - Read Review on Great Nonprofits

I've come to expect to see Humanity Road at work by the time I arrive in any event and that's been consistently so, including the most recent Nepalese Earthquake. Cat and her team were coordinating communications between dozens of organizations inside the first three days after the earthquake and they continued through my own ten-day team deployment there and back. I was able to ask her team questions while we prepared for deployment and get answers relayed from experts within hours. I was able to give her updates from our work in the foothills of the Himalayas and her team relayed our status and our needs to other teams within minutes. I now consider Humanity Road an integral asset for us during responses and I seek them out before I go anywhere. One of the most valuable attributes any of us can ask for is professional reliability and Humanity Road is there, every time. Speaking for my own teams, remembering far-away nights in the dark linked only by satellite phone, Cat and her volunteers have our deep thanks. Dr. Eric Rasmussen Read Review on Great Nonprofits

Video Gallery Recent Activity Highlights

We work with individuals, organizations and officials at the federal, state and local emergency response level. Around the world, we work with aid agencies, the United Nations and with 22 nations in the Pacific Rim to support humanitarian relief efforts. Humanity Road also assists in preparedness exercises, providing real world disaster response scenarios for exercises.

Here are some video highlights of recent activities.

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