Operation Baghdad pups – No Buddy Left Behind

In 2009, a very special documentary, No Dog Left Behind was released about the efforts by American soldiers in Iraq to bring home dogs who had become their friends and comforters. The Internet Movie Database summarizes the story this way:

“A deeply personal documentary that reveals the power of the human-animal bond to comfort, heal and inspire the best in people in the worst of times and to find their humanity in the midst of dehumanizing conditions. It is a story about the enduring friendships forged in wartime between four military men and women and the dogs they rescued in Iraq, dogs who became heroes in unexpected ways. Battling military prohibitions and all but impossible odds, these soldiers and Marines attempt to bring their canine battle buddies home to safety in the U.S. with the help of a determined rescuer – fighting not just for their animals’ lives, but for their own.” Written by Ellen Goosenberg Kent

The Military Channel originally aired the documentary in 2009, but is repeating it this month. According to their website, it is being aired 10/12 – 10/27. Check your local listings. You can see 4 different trailers for the movie here.

The “determined rescuer” referred to in the IMBDb summary above is Terri Crisp, an SPCA International staffer who was given the assignment of figuring out a way to help “Charlie” out of Iraq. Ms. Crisp has a new book about her experiences — No Buddy Left Behind.”

We offer our admiration and thanks to SPCA International and Terri Crisp for their hard work over the years in rescuing these and other disaster animals.

In addition to the movie trailers, below is a video about “Nubs” (which leads to another video about the Stateside reunion of these two) and an interview with Terri Crisp about her new book.

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