Animals in Disaster

National Pet Preparedness Day- Pets & Livestock

Did you know May 8 is National Pet Preparedness day?

Transcript: “We all know that pets are part of the family.  As we prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, one of the things we want to do is make sure that everybody’s prepared.  That includes being prepared with your pets as well.  May 8th is Animal Disaster Preparedness Day and what we’d like you to do is have a plan, be informed and be ready.  We would like people to take the opportunity to make sure your pets are prepared, make sure you have everything that you need in case of emergency, and also if you need any help, go to  Thank you.  Good girl!” Deputy Rich Serrino, FEMA view the video

Want to learn how to prepare for your animals in less than five minutes? Watch the great video below from AVMA.