Kate Starbird and Leysia Palen Receive Best Paper Award at CSCW

The 16th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2013) took place February 23-27 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  CSCW is the premier venue for presenting research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks.Virtual Disaster Desk

ABSTRACTHumanity Road is a volunteer organization working within the domain of disaster response. The organization is entirely virtual, relying on ICT to both organize and execute its work of helping to inform the public on how to survive after disaster events. This paper follows the trajectory of Humanity Road from an emergent group to a formal non – profit, considering how its articulation, conduct and products of work together express its identity and purpose, which include aspirations of relating to and changing the larger ecosystem of emergency response.  Through excerpts  of its communications, we  consider how the organization  makes  changes  in order  to  sustain itself  in rapid – response  work supported in large part  by  episodic  influxes of  volunteers .  This case enlightens discussion about technology – supported civic participation, and the means  by  which dedicated long – term commitment to the civic sphere  is mobilized. Click on the image to read the full paper [pdf].