Integrating #DAFN into Emergency Planning – Training Course

by Alice McGowen, #DAFN Specialist for Humanity Road

April marks one year since we launched our #DAFN hashtag as part of the America’s National PrepareAthon. Humanity Road launched our awareness campaign for vulnerable population groups last year to help deliver and share key information for vulnerable populations.  Preparing for an emergency is important, but even more so for individuals who are dependent on electricity, special treatments,  durable equipment and other services which could be a survival risk if disrupted.  After polling the public we created a hashtag to organize content so that the public, caregivers, responders and emergency management can follow the discussion, share their programs and access key information.  The  #DAFN hashtag covers items and discussions specific to preparedness and response for persons with disabilities and functional needs.

This week, the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination at FEMA is announcing new training opportunities for applicants in the National Capital Region.  The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) is offering the Integrating Access and Functional Needs into Emergency Planning (L197) training course in May, June, and July. In addition to state and local government employees, these three offerings are an excellent opportunity for private-sector partners or volunteer agencies.  These training opportunities are not being sent out via GovDelivery nor will they be posted to the EMI Website.

The Office of Disability Integration and Coordination is offering the L197 on the following dates:

May 14–15, 2015
June 11–12, 2015
July 20–21, 2015

The course location is:

FEMA Headquarters
400 C Street, SW
FEMA Conference Center Room A
Washington, DC 20472

PREREQUISITE: Applicants must complete Independent Study (IS) course IS-230 before attending this course. Participants are also encouraged to complete IS-100 and IS-700. Participants do not need to complete these requirements prior to submitting their applications, but must complete them prior to attending the L197 course.

Information about the offerings and FEMA Form (FF) 119-25-1 General Admissions Application are attached to this message.

Office of Disability Integration and Coordination

500 C Street, SW
Washington, DC 20472

Information about the offerings and FEMA Form (FF) 119-25-1 General Admissions Application
are provided below [PDF]

       App    Training Opp


FEMA Form 119-25-1

Training Opportunity 1157 – L0197 Integrating Access Functional Needs