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Humanity Road’s Weekly Activity Update

Our digital disaster volunteers monitor on-going and potential disaster situations to assess for urgent unmet needs and to help propagate accurate and timely information.

This week our volunteers monitored:

  • Potential tornado situation in Louisiana
  • Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake near Tonga
  • Wildfire in rural Napa County, California
    • The Butts Canyon Fire grew from a spark to burning an area more than 2500 acres within 6 hours.  Evacuations were mandated, a Red Cross shelter was opened.  The fire continues to grow, now covering 4300 acres and is 45% contained.
    • Humanity Road primarily provided accurate information via social media regarding evacuation orders, where to locate shelter, and where animals could be housed during evacuation.
  • Hurricane Arthur, North Carolina and eastern seaboard
    • Humanity Road volunteers have begun to monitor the emerging impacts of Hurricane Arthur with focus on communities in North Carolina. This storm will have broad impacts in many counties across several states.  At this stage there is currently minor damage, heavy rain, and some power outages being reported.  Monitoring will continue as the hurricane moves northward.  It is currently a Category 2 hurricane and at least localized flooding is anticipated.
    • Volunteers continue to amplify official messages and provide tips for those impacted on where to find information.

Our volunteers have also been working on:

  • A special project for Translators Without Borders
  • Blogging about Catherine Graham’s contributions to the Pacific Endeavor project during a meeting in Malaysia
  • Providing preparedness messages on social media, particularly for animals in disasters (AiD)
  • Testing the impact of using images in social media messaging
  • Recruiting for volunteer summer intern(s)
  • Lots of behind-the-scenes work to keep things running smoothly and efficiently!

Thank you, as always, for your continued interest in Humanity Road’s work.

And a big thank you to our volunteers for your time and committment!