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Humanity Road’s Weekly Activity Update

Another busy couple of weeks for the dedicated Humanity Road volunteers and interns!  Our digital disaster volunteers monitor on-going and potential disaster situations to assess for urgent unmet needs and to help propagate accurate and timely information.

During the past two weeks our volunteers monitored:


Other Humanity Road activities in the past two weeks:

  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) invited Humanity Road to take part in their vulnerable population preparedness program.  In April 2014, after polling the public, Humanity Road launched the #DAFN hashtag to organize content and discussions focused on disabilities, accessibility and functional needs.
  • The CDC is also dedicating the week of September 21-27, 2014 to emergency preparedness for pets.  They have asked Humanity Road’s Animals in Disaster team (@jAIDdog & @DisasterAnimals) to participate in sharing information during the event and providing feedback and advice.
  • Humanity Road’s Cat Graham finished up her contributions in Nepal as part of the Pacific Endeavor (PE 2014) exercise to improve disaster relief operations across Asia.  The scenario is a large earthquake in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.  PE 2014’s overall goals are to test the countries’ communications infrastructure and to enhance interoperability between participant nations, non-government organizations, and the international humanitarian community. More than 20 Asia-Pacific countries are participating.
  • Supported World Humanitarian Day


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