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Humanity Road’s Weekly Activity Update

What have the wonderful Humanity Road volunteers been up to this week?

This week our volunteers were monitoring:

  • Tornado in Tennessee
  • Tornado in Massachusetts
  • M6.3 earthquake in Mexico
  • Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria
    • Used social media to provide verified information regarding school closures in Liberia, quarantine areas, and other impact messages
  • Landslides in India
  • Gas Explosions in Taiwan: at least 26 killed and more than 260 injured
    • Humanity Road volunteers used social media to amplify key official information, including emergency phone numbers, a map of hospitals, and explosion location map.
    • Monitored a twitter stream containing over 1100 messages averaging 28 tweets per minute using a new monitoring tool that is in development.


Humanity Road was invited to the White House this week! Cat Graham and Chris Thompson from Humanity Road participated in the Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Demo Day.  Their summary is available on our website.


Did you miss last week’s trivia questions?  They are still available to test your knowledge!


Curious about Humanity Road? Would you like to join us?  Start by visiting Humanity Road’s volunteer page.  Our digital disaster volunteers monitor on-going and potential disaster situations to assess for urgent unmet needs and to help propagate accurate and timely information.