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Humanity Road’s Weekly Activity Update

We are in November but already winter storms have been keeping our Humanity Road’s volunteers very busy last week. They are continuously keeping an eye on the weather updates, amplifying preparedness messages and looking out for urgent needs. See what they have been up to this week.

Our volunteers were monitoring:

Snow Storm in Western New York 

  • Monitoring of the snowstorm started on the 18th and continued for few days.
  • Volunteers searched for urgent needs (i.e. people trapped with no heating or food, collapsed roofs, people with medical needs, people trapped in vehicules, people needing volunteers for snow removal, etc.)
  • Messages from officials regarding travel bans, advisories, and shelters were amplified.
  • Information on staying safe in homes and cars and the best ways to protect homes and roofs were shared as well as helpful information for animal-owners and vulnerable populations (elderly, disabled, etc).
  • Hashtags being used include:  #SnowstormKnife, #snovember, #buffalosnow, #Buffalo, and #WNY.

Winter storm Bozeman & Snow and Tornado warnings

  • Volunteers checked for reports of tornado activity in Georgia and Florida and for wind, snow and possible power outages in the Midwest.
  • Some areas impacted: Tulsa OK, Cincinnati OH, Jacksonville FL, Blountville GA

Flooding in Italy

  • Volunteers continued to monitor the flooding in Italy.


Other Humanity Road activities in the past week:

  • Pets #Unselfie Award Contest — Humanity Road’s fundraising campaign continued this week in full swing. A fun group of dogs and cats have gathered as contestants in our Pets #Unselfie Award photo contest. It coincides with the approach of the national day of giving, #GivingTuesday, on December 2nd. This campaign’s purpose is to support Humanity Road’s Disaster Response Program. Proceeds from it will help pets, animals, livestock, and people through times of disaster. Nominations for favorite pets close on November 24th, and final voting occurs on December 2nd. Winners will be announced on December 10th. Humanity Road volunteers continue to publicize the event in social media. More information can be found here:
  • Cause3 Experiment ENDEX — Bug thumbs up to the volunteers who helped with the Cause3 Experiment by creating content that challenged the participants. For this event Humanity Road provided Crowd Simulation for the platform, Real World Monitoring for crossover content to ensure there was no confusion, and deployed to assist CANVOST for monitoring hurricane damage in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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