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Humanity Road’s Weekly Activity Update

Humanity Road volunteers continue to monitor disasters (and potential disasters) around the world, ready to provide up-to-date information through social media. Read more about the work these volunteers are doing in this week’s update.

The past week our volunteers were monitoring:

  • Flooding in Italy
    • The flooding in western Italy continued to be monitored until November 10th
    • The neighborhood of city of Bergamo which is made up of 188 towns, was exposed to floods and landslide amid heavy rains
    • The mayor of Carrara (Tuscany) ordered the immediate evacuation of all the ground floors of all buildings of the town amid the high risk of flooding of Carrione River after heavy rain.
    • The civil protection agency set up 200 beds for the evacuees.
    • In the Tuscan city of Pisa, torrential rains caused the sewer system to overflow, flooding various areas including the Pisa University engineering department.
    • One person died in Genoa, Italy, where schools shut down Monday thru Tuesday after civil protection authorities extended the Level 2 alert
    • Situation reports from Massa-Carrara province
    • List of Twitter accounts following the Flooding in Italy
    • Flooding in the town of Chiavari prompted a number of water rescues, and landslides cut off some towns including Colla and Pagi
  • Midwest Snow Storm
    • Accidents clogged Midwest roads, killing three as the first snowstorm of the season pounds the area.
    • Snow piled up early for residents in the Midwest and High Plains early in the week as a blast of arctic air brought chilling conditions.
    • Minnesota shattered the old snowfall record of 4.3 inches set in 1946. 13.5 inches of snow fell on Monday and up to 22.5 inches of snow fell in Mellen, WI, roughly 90 miles from Duluth, MN.
    • There were 475 car crashes claiming 3 lives as a result of the snow.

Other Humanity Road activities in the past week:


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