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Humanity Road’s weekly activity update

The publication of a new guidebook for emergency managers and the monitoring of flooding and a countrywide blackout are amongst the activities conducted by Humanity Road’s volunteers in the past week.

This week our volunteers were monitoring:

Flooding in Italy

  • Hundreds of people were evacuated after severe rain in Carrara.
  • Evacuations and flooding also occurred in #Toscana, #Liguria, and #Sicilia.
  • The Croce Rossa Italiano messages were amplified.
  • Our volunteer in Italy tweeted from our @HR_Italian account.

Hyder Flare and Blackout in Bangladesh

  • Humanity Road volunteers activated to monitor two events that happened close together on November 1: a major power outage in Bangladesh and a solar event called a Hyder Flare. At approximately 0400 – 0600 UTC earth orbiting satellites detected a solar event, within an hour of this event the power grid in Bangladesh collapsed. There is no information at this time as to whether these events are related.

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Papua New Guinea


Other activities:

  • Guidebook for Emergency Managers — Humanity Road in collaboration with Statistics Without Borders has published a guide to help emergency managers understand social media analytics. This twenty page guide and report contains helpful tips for emergency managers using Typhoon Haiyan and Hurricane Sandy.  You can read more about the Guidebook and download a copy here
  • DHN Summit 2014 — Humanity Road is getting ready to attend the DHN Summit 2014 on 10th and 11th November in New York. The discussions will focus on how the Digital Humanitarian community can maximise its impact on field-based decision making in sudden onset emergencies.
  • Field Innovation Power — Check out this guest blog by Robin Reid on the second anniversary of our deployment in Rockaways.

You can also become a digital disaster volunteer. Visit Humanity Road’s volunteer page to learn how you can join us.