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Humanity Road Weekly Activity Report

Humanity Road monitors man-made and natural disaster around the globe. Here is what has been monitored and accomplished in the past week:

In the past week our volunteers were monitoring:

  • Ice Storm – North Eastern States, U.S.
    • An ice storm – nicknamed “Icezilla” in Connecticut – swept across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states of the U.S., impacting millions of people.
    • Multiple car accidents reported in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
    • In New York City, dispatchers had handled more than 3,700 medical calls
    • Humanity Road monitored social media for urgent needs and amplified guidance to the public from emergency management officials.
  • Grass Fires – OK, U.S.
    • Three large grass fires burned 300 acres in Logan County, Oklahoma.
    • Surrounding homes and farms in the area were evacuated.
    • High winds made fire containment difficult.
    • Humanity Road volunteers monitored for urgent needs, amplified official guidance to the public, and tweeted proper officials to follow.
  • FloodingMalawi, Mozambique & Madagascar
    • Three countries in the South Eastern region of Africa faced torrential rains and floods following the passage of Tropical Storm Chedza.
    • The cyclone has passed but continuous rain and subsequent flooding has produced a major humanitarian crisis.
    • Thousands of people have been displaced thus far.
    • The United Nations forecast that hundreds of thousands of people would be affected due to crop damage in Malawi, the worst affected country.
    • Concerns remain about water sanitation and the potential for waterborne diseases like dysentery typhoid and cholera to start spreading. The risk of malaria (especially if displaced people don´t possess mosquitos nets) is also of grave concern.
    • Volunteers tweeted aid information and requirements, amplified official messaging, and brought attention to the situation.
  • Cyclone Niko – Tahiti
    • In passing 150 km east of Tahiti, Cyclone Niko left heavy rains causing widespread flooding particularly on the Hamuta Pirae River.
  • Flooding – Brisbane, Australia
    • Rain has caused major flooding, and road closures. Emergency services have been forced to rescue multiple people trapped in cars in Brisbane and surrounding coastal towns.

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