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Humanity Road Weekly Activity Report Update

In 2014 Humanity Road responded to over 230 events! Their donation of time is helping digital disaster response, thus changing the way the world responds during disaster. Check out what volunteers have been doing the past two weeks!


Here is what Humanity Road volunteers have been monitoring the past two weeks:

Flash Flooding & Landslides – Chile & Peru

  • Chile – Heavy Rainfall and consequent river overflow caused flash floods and landslides in the Northern region of Chile.
    • As of 05 Apr 15 25 people had been reported dead, 125 missing, and 2,700 homeless
    • Several Health facilities were not operational.
    • Map of Chile Emergency
  • Peru – Santa Eulalia has been the area most affected by landslides
    • Roads, schools and clinics have been heavily impacted in Colasay, in addition to landslides in Chosica, Jaen, Cutervo in Cajamarca
    • Map of Peru Emergency

7 Magnitude Earthquake – Papua New Guinea

  • Earthquake struck beneath the ocean, off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
  • Volunteers responded to monitor social media and tsunami alerts.
  • Volunteers monitored social media for impacts including geolocation and GPS searches, as well as amplifying Pacific Tsunami Watch Center instructions and “Did you feel it?” links

Typhoon Maysak (Chedeng) – Micronesia & the Philippines

  • This Category 5 storm had already caused severe damage on islands and atolls in Micronesia, including Chuuk and Yap, and had been on track to hit the Philippines.
  • Volunteers searched for information on needs in Micronesia, and amplified that information on social media.
  • Volunteers also monitored preparations in the Philippines and amplified emergency numbers, hashtags and government social media sites to follow, and preparedness information.
  • The Typhoon was downgraded to a Tropical Storm

Tornadoes – Illinois

  • A swarm of tornadoes hit the towns of Rochelle, Kirkland, Fairdale, and Ashton, Illinois.
  • The village of Fairdale with a population of 150 people sustained damage to every building.
  • There were 2 deaths and numerous injuries.
  • Information from officials including shelters and general situational awareness was amplified.
  • The Summerfield Zoo was heavily damaged and information regarding their situation and needs was amplified as well as other information regarding where to post lost and found pets and organizations offering temporary pet shelter.

Other activities Humanity Road is involved with over the past 2 weeks:

  • The Global Fellowship award is chosen by teammates. The recipient of this award is selected by the team as our team MVP and shines in fellowship and humanitarian principles. This is the highest award for Humanity Road, and represents honesty, integrity, community engagement, collaboration and commitment.   (Deadline is April 11th)


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  1. Jessica – thank you for the weekly report. And wow team what a busy time. Take lots of breaks, and get outside for a walk. Spring has arrived.

    You’re all the best volunteers!!!

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