Humanity Road Intern Program

Humanity Road Launches Digital Disaster Response Internship Program

Effective immediately,  Humanity Road launches its Digital Disaster Response Internship. We will recruit, educate and retain qualified and motivated interns dedicated to our mission. Rooted in best practices, the internship includes  exercises and real-time activities that develop the following skills and abilities:


  • Increased awareness and preparation for disasters and emergencies
  • Job-readiness skills, especially technology and communication
  • Improved learning strategies
  • Volunteer management
  • Peer, adult and community partnerships

Humanity Road interns will learn how to use Internet and mobile communications technology to collect, verify and route information during sudden onset disaster.

  •  Collecting, confirming and routing urgent needs to aid agencies and first responders
  • Providing information to the public on where to find shelter, apply for aid
  • Tweeting and using other social media during disaster
  • Distributing standard safety messages on what actions to take before, during and after disaster

To learn more, visit Humanity Road Intern Program.