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Humanity Road Activity Update

Humanity Road monitors man-made and natural disaster around the globe. Here is what has been monitored and accomplished in the past 2 weeks:

In the past 2 weeks our volunteers were monitoring:

  • Villarrica Volcano Eruption – Villarrica, Chile
    • The Villarrica is an active stratovolcano located in southern Chile.
    • 3,000 people were evacuated to safe zones
    • Impacted locations include Pucon, Curarrehue, Villarrica, Panguipulli, and Coñaripe.
    • Reposted Chile Emergency Message for US Citizens in country via Twitter
    • Volunteers shared photos from Chile Red Cross , as well as key messaging from Government Officials active in social media
  • Avalanches, – Panishir Province, Afghanistan
    • Over 250 people have been killed and over 1,200 homes destroyed
    • Blocked roads greatly hindered rescue and aid workers, and Afghanistan’s president has requested international assistance.
    • Information about the situation was amplified by HR volunteers.
  • Winter Storm Thor – (several) U.S. States
    • Motorists were stranded on I-65 & I-24 in Kentucky due to heavy snow and ice.
    • Information from officials was tweeted out and posted on Facebook including who to follow.
    • The National Guard responded and rescued people; the emergency number set up for motorists was amplified by HR volunteers.
    • Urgent needs were searched and amplified for multiple states.
  • Amtrak Train Derailment – Halifax, North Carolina
    • A passenger train collided with a tractor trailer stuck on the tracks in Halifax County, NC at the intersection of Hwy 125/903 and Hwy 301.
    • There were no fatalities, but 40 people with injuries were transported to Halifax Memorial Hospital.
    • Information from @NCDOT Rail was amplified in Twitter and Facebook,
  • Tropical Cyclone PamVanuatu (ongoing)
    • A State of Emergency has been declared in Vanuatu, Fiji, and Tuvalu
    • HR volunteers searched for messages from Vanuatu officials, help-lines and emergency numbers, impacts to hospitals, urgent needs, people trapped or injured, and those requiring help with pets/animals.
    • Communications have been greatly impacted in the region; there are injuries and unconfirmed reports of deaths. Data mining is complicated by the absence of a common hashtag and by the size of the region impacted.
    • HR has published three Situation Reports (March 14, 2015) (March 15, 2015) and a Final Report
    • The situation report includes contact numbers for embassies, damage reports, and links to relevant aid agencies. The report has been published on All Partners Access Network (APAN), ReliefWeb, and sent to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) in Tonga, Fiji, and Canberra. A comment from a DFAT’s member included: “This is simply brilliant information. Please thank your team of Humanity Road volunteers… this is the best information around.”
    • The Cyclone Pham event summary can be found here.


Other Humanity Road activities in the past 2 weeks:

  • Humanity Road hosted an informal discussion on local disaster response with Mecklenburg County (Virginia) officials and responders. The session included a table-top disaster response exercise using the Humanity Road Emergency Management Deck.
  • Humanity Road is celebrating its 5th Anniversary of being a 501cs3 Non-profit!
  • Read about one of Humanity Road’s exceptional volunteers: Meet Yakubu H. Yakubu .
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