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Humanity Road Activity Update Report

Humanity Road (HR) monitors man-made and natural disaster around the globe. Here is what has been monitored and accomplished in the past 2 weeks:

In the past 2 weeks our volunteers were monitoring:

  • 7.9 Earthquake – Nepal (ongoing)
    • Partnered with Kathmandu Living Labs.
      • Located on the ground in Kathmandu – referring requests for rescue and needs to appropriate rescuers and relief agencies.
      • Ushahidi map:
        • anyone from the public can submit reports and requests.
      • After verifying needs were current, added location information, and then submitted requests to the map.
      • Humanitarian Open Street Map is the operator of Kathmandu Living Labs. We received a special thank you from them on Report #10
      • Continued to verify locations and updating the status of urgent needs cases that were added to the Kathmandu Living Labs map
    • Published Sitrep #4 , Sitrep#5, & Sitrep #6
      • Our sitreps have been published on our website, Relief Web, and APAN and emailed to more than 50 relief organizations, including USAR (search & rescue) teams on the ground
    • Helped format Standby Task Force’s (SBTF) 3W Report
      • Recruited spontaneous volunteers from Nepalese diaspora community, and began training them
    • Continued work with Translators without Borders
    • HR Situation Report is now listed on APAN’s links the DOD Multinational Partner coordination site
    • The situation on the ground in Nepal right now will be moving between chronic and crisis as they move into their long term recovery phase
    • Situation Report #11 – final summary

Other Humanity Road activities in the past 2 weeks:

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