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Humanity Road Activity Report: May 10-31, 2015

Earthquakes, floods, oil spills – Humanity Road (HR) monitors disasters around the globe! Here are a few incidents that have been monitored the past few weeks:

Between May 10th – May 31st Humanity Road volunteers were monitoring:

  • Nepal – Earthquake (M 7.3 )
    • Another Magniture – 7 earthquake hit Nepal along its borders with China and India
    • Additional buildings were damaged and collapsed, there were over 40 fatalities, and over 1,000 people injured
    • HR processed reports, analyzed comments and made recommendations on next actions for specific reports
    • Situation Report: Nepal’s earthquakes
    • Volunteers continued to update the Kathmandu Living Labs crisis map
    • Kathmandu Living Labs Situation Room Report for May 21st
  • Oil Spill – Santa Barbara, CA
    • Pipeline leak caused a moderate oil spill in Santa Barbara County, California
    • 21,000 gallons of oil affected the area around Refugio State Beach coating 4 miles of the shoreline on May 19th
    • The area is full of marine life including but not limited to whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, marine birds, fish, and tide pool life
    • The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has activated recovery teams to collect oiled animals
      • Found oiled wildlife? Report it: 1-877-UCD-OWCN (877-823-6926).
    • Basic information and the wildlife aid number were amplified on social media
  • Severe Weather/ Flooding – Southern Plains (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas) Ongoing
    • The President has declared a State of Disaster for 70 counties in Texas which experienced continuous tornadoes, thunderstorms, torrential rain and subsequent flooding between 24-29 May
    • Searching Facebook and Twitter for urgent needs – reposting tweets, important information and contact numbers

Other Humanity Road activities between May 10th – May 31st:

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