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Humanity Road Activity Report: June 13-30, 2015

Humanity Road (HR) monitors man-made and natural disaster around the globe. Here is what has been monitored and accomplished within the past 2 weeks:

From June 13th to June 30th , Humanity Road volunteers were monitoring:

  • Texas Flooding
    • Homes flooded, people and animals rescued after heavy rain in Collin County, TX
    • The Josephine Fire Department says their city received eight inches of rain in just four hours
  • Solar Storm G4
    • The geomagnetic storm began as forecasted and quickly ramped up to severe (G4) levels
    • SWPC issued the G4 Alert after the storm slammed into Earth
    • Solar storms raise concerns when they interfere with Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Wildfires – California, US
    • 5 large wildfires are burning
    • Volunteers amplified general information, preparedness tips, and animal needs
  • Wildfires – Alaska, U.S.
    • The Willow Community in Alaska has been hit what is being called the Sockeye Fire
    • The fire burned an estimated 55 homes in Alaska’s dog mushing stronghold
    • HR volunteers amplified needs which include (but are not limited to) veterinary care, campers or motor homes for displaced families, generators, computers, phones, laundry machines and cooking stoves


Other Humanity Road activities from June 13th to June 30th:

  • Alerts Testing
    • Text alerts were sent to 40 people who listed their mobile device upon enrollment. Alerts went out to USA, Canada and International volunteers to test Skype application for sending mobile alerts
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