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Humanity Road Activity Report: June 01-12, 2015

Humanity Road (HR) monitors man-made and natural disaster around the globe. Here is what has been monitored and accomplished within the past 2 weeks:

Between June 1st – 12th , Humanity Road volunteers were monitoring:

  • Flooding – Southeastern Plains (TX, OK, AR, WY, LA)
    • Consistent thunderstorms and heavy rains resulted in severe flooding across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana
    • Humanity Road was invited by Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to activate in support of the flood relief
    • The Red River in Shreveport crested near 37 feet, the highest crest since 1945
  • Earthquakes – Nepal
    • Humanity Road has continued to provide daily remote support for Kathmandu Living Lab Crisis Map
    • Humanity Road support on this event is slated to complete on June 12th

Other Humanity Road activities from June 1st to June 12th :

  • Geotag-X Project
    • Testing a new tool for the United Nations
    • This project aims to use crowd volunteering to analyze photos taken during disasters such as the Somali Drought
    • For more information, visit: Geotag-X Project
  • Thanks to all who support our Disaster Response Program by participating in Amazon Smile !
  • The Fundraising Team is happy to announce the release of Humanity Road’s Donations website page! Re-tweet, share, and pass the link along to friends and family
  • Crisis Cleanup Project
    • Crisis Cleanup is a recently launched tasking system
    • This opportunity is available to USA based volunteers who are open to using their phone to receive inbound calls
      • Volunteers will be provided training
    • The work will entail interviewing callers and entering their information into a tasking system.
    • The system is being used by local aid agencies to respond
    • Interested volunteers should contact Cat Graham, or follow the link below if you are not yet an volunteer
  • Read this wonderful new review of Humanity Road on Guidestar by Dr. Eric Rassmussen

Curious about Humanity Road? Would you like to join us? Start by visiting Humanity Road’s volunteer page.