Humanity Road 2012 Top Rated Non Profits

Every day, we are touching the lives of those impacted by tornadoes, earthquakes, floods as well as man made disasters. Our volunteers have been there, online and in some instances in person supporting those who need help when they need it most.   We are proud to announce that Humanity Road has been selected as one of GreatNonProfits 2012 Top rated charities.   “At GreatNonprofits, we do not write the reviews ourselves.  Rather, like at Amazon or at consumer review sites like Epinions, Zagats, or TripAdvisor, the reviews and ratings are posted by people who have been touched by a nonprofit and want to share their story about it. The people who rated us were volunteers, and individuals who have been touched by the work of our volunteers.  You’ll discover stories of people who have volunteered or donated  as well as stories of people who have benefited from our services.”

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From our Animals in Disaster team to our Urgent Needs Team these individuals are contributing their time, their volunteer hours and their expertise.  They are recognized in the digital disaster response world as experts in their field.  Did you know the Humanity Road volunteers activated twice this year in support of United Nations OCHA efforts as well as Digital Humanitarian efforts.  Our situation report was listed on the United Nations OCHA Situation Report for Pacific Cyclone Evan as well as listed on the Fiji Crisis map.

Volunteers also worked to support to multinational exercises in 2012 as outlined in the 2012 ICCM Ignite Talk.  Visit Christoph Dennenmoser’s article about RIMPAC here

Volunteers have worked hard this year helping when disaster strikes and we wish to thank them for their contributions and thank you for submitting your reviews for making Humanity Road one of 2012 GreatNonProfit Top Rated Charities!

Have a wondrous and happy Holiday and peaceful and prosperous new year!