The below crisis hashtag dashboard, fondly called “Hashboard” may take a few moments to load. When the widgets fill up they should begin to refresh and refill automatically. Send comments or requests to webmaster. Be advised that content is not filtered and parental discretion may be advised.

(image icons courtesy of UNOCHA).

Image of Earthquake icon

Monitoring Earthquake Events


Tsunami Icon

Monitoring Ocean Events


Tornado Icon

Monitoring Tornado Events

Cyclone Icon

Monitoring Cyclone and Hurricane Events


Winter Icon

Monitoring Winter Events


Fire Icon

Monitoring Wildfire Events

Volcano IconMonitoring Volcano Events

 Solar IconMonitoring Solar Events


Flash Flood Icon

Monitoring Flood Events

Image of an ocean wave

Monitoring Marine Maritime Events


Symbol of Radioactivity

Monitoring Nuclear or Radiation Events


Icon of a Lightning Strike

Update-able Feed Default to #weather