Get your #GeekOn and volunteer your skills

Get your #Geekon! Technical Skills Help When Disaster Strikes

The world needs heroes.  Do you want to help survivors when disaster strikes?  Using the technical skills you already know? On your own time, all without leaving the house?  Then join us at Humanity Road!

We especially need your skills in areas such as data management and content management. As you’re undoubtedly well aware, managing data is hard. Especially when we’re responding to a major crisis, like the Nepal earthquake. We’re tracking social-media calls for help, the status of critical infrastructure, and aid agencies’ work on the ground. And then we collate all this info into daily reports, which aid agencies use to respond to the areas of greatest need.

Big Data Storage Online Technology Database Concept

Get your #GeekOn and volunteer your technical skills

HR volunteer Yogita Firoda, who’s from a software background herself, shares her Humanity Road volunteer experience: “I’d used work, personal life, Bangalore traffic, etc. as excuses for not donating my time to relief efforts. However, when I came across HR and the organized work they do, and the difference it can really make, I jumped into it in spite of all excuses, and the personal satisfaction helps keep me going. It’s quite rewarding to know that you can take some from your day to help someone, somewhere. Especially when they need it the most.”

“Humanity Road and Microsoft are making a difference in people’s everyday lives before and after disaster,” says our President, Chris Thompson.

How Do Volunteer Grant Programs Work?

Oh, and Microsoft employees who volunteer give in two ways!  Microsoft will donate an extra $25 per volunteer hour to Humanity Road – money we can use to keep our relief efforts going! Adam Weinger of Double the Donation tells us how that works. Volunteer grant programs provide an easy way to raise money from volunteers without asking them to take out their checkbooks. They’re already actively giving their time to organizations like yours, and are glad to take a few minutes to request grants from their employers – grants that could equal hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for your nonprofit.

Volunteer Grant Process

Volunteer grant programs consist of five steps:

  1. Individuals volunteer.
  2. Nonprofits notify eligible volunteers –  Are you aware if your company has a grant program?  Volunteers can’t submit grant requests if they aren’t aware of their company’s program, so be sure to ask them about it and help them find the answer.
  3. Volunteers submit grant requests – Either electronically or using a paper form.
  4. Nonprofits validate grant requests – Verifying that an individual is a volunteer and that the organization is an accredited school or 501(c)(3) organization.
  5. Corporations cut checks.

To sum it up: You can help save disaster victims’ lives, nearby or across the world with the tech skills you’re already using.

So, how about it? Ready to help? Sign up to volunteer for Humanity Road here.