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Help them survive. Help them find food. Help them reunite. Join the cause! Because when disaster strikes, no cry for help should be unheard.

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Passionate about using technology for good? Love using social media to help others? Want to be a fundraising ambassador? Help people and animals impacted by disaster. Join our team Learn how here

A child in Jeremie drinks from the fresh water spout of an installed water purifier

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Answer their call for help. When disaster strikes, help them survive, sustain and reunite. Become a champion for the cause. Make a one-time donation or set up recurring weekly, monthly or yearly donations. We are 501(c)(3) Tax

Collage photo of medical, technical and EMT personnel representing responding agencies.


Does your agency provide humanitarian relief during disaster? Are you working on an innovative project using technology to improve disaster response? Do you need assistance with exercises? Humanity Road partners receive early notification of disaster response activities and situation reports. Find out more about collaborating with Humanity Road. Contact us