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 Get Help During Disaster

We offer support to monitor social media before, during, and after a disaster. You can activate Humanity Road to help your community.

If your community is being impacted by a natural disaster and you need help communicating or relaying urgent needs,   Once activated, Humanity Road retrieves actionable information by finding urgent messages within the noise on social media. Humanity Road may also be available to deploy onsite for community-based communications solutions. Please email your activation request or questions to [email protected].

Get Help Before Disaster

If you are you a member of an Emergency Management team, Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST), disaster preparedness planner, or other representative of your community, we can support your preparedness efforts by providing simulated crowdsourcing and crisis mapping exercises, drills, tabletop events, and social media training and planning. We also provide public service campaign amplification through our online channels. To request support, please email [email protected].

 Get Help With Training

Because of our pioneering practice of monitoring social media to close the communications gap during disasters, Humanity Road has become a respected leader in social media emergency management (SMEM) and a sought after trainer in the emerging field of internet-based and mobile disaster communications. We have participated in both national and multinational preparedness exercises including Camp Roberts Relief, Exercise 24 Europe, Pacific Endeavor, and RIMPAC, and have provided instructional workshops and tabletop exercises for numerous local emergency responders. Humanity Road is proud to be a member of the Department of Homeland Security Virtual Social Media Working Group, the Digital Humanitarian Network, and the FEMA Innovation Team.

To learn more about Humanity Road’s disaster preparedness and social media training, including crowdsourcing and crisis mapping, please send an inquiry to [email protected].

The most effective disaster response involves a whole community approach.  We are committed to ongoing improvement of the disaster response process.  If you are a disaster response organization either traditional or nontraditional, or Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST), or a local community or college and would like to collaborate with Humanity Road on training programs, conferences or special projects please contact  [email protected].

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