From Crisis to Community: Mapping as a Peacebuilding Tool


“There has been a surge of enthusiasm and activity around crisis mapping recently, thanks to high profile success stories such as Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Kenya. But, as the field matures, how do we turn this information into insight that engages and empowers  local communities in conflict prevention and peacebuilding?  On June 17, 2011, USIP and Ushahidi, the crisis mapping pioneer, explored these questions with mappers from conflict zone countries and policymakers in Washington, D.C.”

 You can play the session at the following link

Length: 130:16 minutes (52.18 MB)


  • Patrick Meier

    Director of Crisis Mapping


  • Sheldon Himelfarb 


    Center of Innovation: Science, Technology & Peacebuilding

    United States Institute of Peace

  • Peter Mandaville

    Policy Planning Staff, Office of the Secretary of State

    U.S. Department of State

  • Roohafza Ludin

    Universities for Ushahidi trainee (Afghanistan)

  • Osamah Khaleel

    Universities for Ushahidi trainee (Iraq)

  • Aggrey Otieno

    Universities for Ushahidi trainee (Kenya)