Animals in Disaster

February is “Responsible Pet Owner Month”

cat and dog




February is all about being a responsible pet owner. What do responsible pet owners do?

They have their pets spayed and neutered, and encourage their friends and family to do the same. Spaying and neutering not only helps control animal population, but it can also protect dogs and cats from various diseases, including cancer.
They give their pets plenty of exercise, whether by walking their dogs, or taking them for romps in city or dog parks. Exercise in park settings often promotes confidence and socialization for dogs. And cats can often benefit from exercise in the home setting, as well.

They feed their pets a nutritious diet, thus boosting their immune system, which helps to keep them healthy.

They groom their pets as often as required for the specific breeds they own. Good grooming includes trimming, washing and brushing their coats; trimming their nails; cleaning their ears and teeth.
They allow their dogs to live inside their house, rather than having them stay outside in a backyard kennel. Dogs are social, pack animals and their confidence and sense of wellbeing is jeopardized when they are left alone outside.

They train their dogs. Training a dog gives the dog a job to do and guidelines for proper behavior. It also instills confidence. Behavior problems are often eliminated with regular, positive training.

They have their dogs wear collars with up-to-date identification and their current rabies vaccination tag. Indoor cats benefit by wearing collars and tags in case they escape from their house. Responsible cat owners also make sure their indoor-outdoor cats wear a collar with identification tags.

They carry bags and clean up after their dog when they go for outdoor outings. This helps prevent the spread of diseases, and assures a clean environment for everyone to enjoy.

February is the month in which pet owners are urged to be responsible by spaying and neutering their pets. It is one of the most important things responsible pet owners can do to help their pets lead a happy and healthy life!