ESRI Disaster Response Program Map – YolandaPH

Are you interested in a robust map for visualizing the #YolandaPH effort?
Data Layers include map settings  for communications assessments by Telecoms Sans Frontiers, GISCorps Twitter heatmap, OpenStreetMap  – this map has it all.  ESRI’S Disaster Response Team in collaboration with GISCorps has created  #YolandaPH Map

The map is being provided by our friends at the ESRI Disaster Response Program (DRP) .  When disaster strikes, Esri’s DRP is there to support around the clock.  ESRI experts, augment software, explore content, and monitor events online as part of their corporate citizenship.  The map is the work of their team in concert with the volunteer technical community and other partners around the world.  This map contains a robust selection of data layers and content (select content view on the map to select layers) and is a great example of what can be done when all parties collaborate for a single source – output.  We applaud the entire community for coming together in support of this solution and we have chosen it as our map of choice for directing feeds, content and updates and most especially we applaud ESRI for their dedication, and commitment to corporate responsibility in the face of disaster.

Below is a screen shot of the content – and you can access the map here to view or embed in your site.
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ESRI YolandaPH Map