Coyotes Can Be Extremely Dangerous to Pets

Coyote SnarlCoyotes are skilled hunters and opportunistic feeders. While they are known to eat berries, vegetation, small animals like squirrels, rabbits and cats, some dog-owners forget that their beloved pet can be an easy meal for coyotes.

Here are some tips if you see a coyote when walking your dog, especially in the morning hours:

1. If you do see one, do not approach it, but rather leave the area while maintaining eye contact with the coyote. Don’t run!

2. Since coyotes appear to be comfortable around us, move your legs and arms in aggressive gestures to appear larger and throw rocks.
Refrain from off-leash adventure as dogs love snooping around bushy and weedy areas, where coyotes generally lurk.

3. Keep your dog indoors during dusk to dawn hours.

4. DO NOT feed coyotes. Don’t leave dog food in the backyard, instead feed your dog inside.

5. If your dog has been bitten by a coyote, please contact your veterinarian immediately as coyotes do carry rabies, canine distemper, parvo and mange.

6. If you see one at your home or on your street, please REPORT your sighting and, if there is any danger, contact your local emergency service or call 911.