Improve Communications During Disaster

photo of storm damaged homes

Since launching in 2010 Humanity Road has monitored more than 1,000 disasters, and filtered through millions of messages online to help the public survive, sustain and reunite. Tens of thousands of people have received help including direct rescue because we relayed their urgent needs to those who could provide them aid.

Humanity Road was created as a disaster response charity to support the public with improved situational awareness and communications. The organization has achieved worldwide recognition of their work in disaster response and is viewed as the benchmark of excellence.

The services provided by Humanity Road help support both public and private individuals and agencies. Large and small charitable organizations who focus on food, shelter or water are improved when they have effective and accurate reporting early in the response. Humanity Road closes that gap.

The business community has stepped forward to assist these devastated communities. We are asking for your help - we are issuing a call to the corporate and philanthropic community to consider supporting our work.

Here are specific ways in which businesses and employees can help.

What areas of focus should corporate grants include?

We recommend including improving communications for those impacted by disaster in your areas of focus for your corporate grants.

how can my business improve our corporate responsibility?

Add “Improve Disaster Communications” to your corporate responsibility statements and goals and include Humanity Road on your annual giving list.

How can my employees help during disaster?

Add our Get Involved link to your company’s newsletter. Invite your employees to volunteer with Humanity Road to support disaster communications and include Humanity Road in your corporate match and giving programs.

How can my company help disaster response efforts?

Add Humanity Road to your corporate giving program. Need more information? contact us