We collaborate with many organizations before, during, and after disaster. Using a whole community approach, we work with governmental and non-governmental organizations to help improve the chain of care.

2017 Hurricane Irma Deployment Florida

We collaborate with many organizations before, during, and after disaster. Using a whole community approach, we work with governmental and non-governmental organizations to help improve the chain of care. Here are a few of our activities and collaborations in disaster preparedness and response

National and International Disaster Response

  • USA Texas 2017 Hurricane Harvey US Coast Guard Activation - rescued 5,000 News

  • USA Florida Big Pine Key deployment with FEMA Tech Sector Partners and FEMA Hurricane Irma
  • Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and YachtAid Global 2017 Hurricane Irma Activation Hurricane Irma

  • USA Florida 2017 supporting FEMA Tech Sector and HealthCare Ready Hurricane Irma

  • USA Puerto Rico supporting information needs for Team Rubicon Hurricane Maria

  • Haiti Floods 2016 activation for Action Humanitaire

  • Philippines Typhoon Haiyan activated to support USNavy USS George Washington News Story

  • Haiti Health and Human Services - activation deconflicting Haiti hospitals database

  • USA Chicago Tribune Activation Blizzard 2011 - Crisis Map supporting local CERT activation for rescues

  • USA Texas Panhandle Fire Relief, Texas Fires 2017

  • Australia 2013 Crowdmap Support

  • Libya - United Nations UNOCHA - Activation Libya Crisis map and many others News

  • Nepal 2015 Earthquake Kathmandu Living Labs - Nepal Earthquake Crisismapping Activation

  • New Zealand - 2016 Earthquake Christ Church Crisismapping Activation

  • Australia - Cyclone Debbie 2011

  • Haiti - 2010 Earthquake Public activation crisis mapping Website

  • Humanity Road International Responses Situation Reports Website



"Following Cyclone Debbie here in Australia we needed some quick intelligence on the extent of damage to cellular networks, which HR were able to provide quickly and painlessly. We are already using that data to help further build resilience in Australia. Without HR's support, this information would have been much more difficult for us to find. Also, the history of HR's situation reports provides an invaluable longitudinal data set on the impact of disasters on communications and other vital services" - Emergency Manager Read Review on Great Nonprofits



"Humanity Road has forever shaped the way the Coast Guard conducts disaster response operations and impacted my life much more personally. During Hurricane Harvey, I had the chance to work alongside the team from Humanity Road as we worked to collect “911 social media posts” from hurricane survivors. The Coast Guard prides itself in making sure no call goes unanswered, and with Harvey’s massive scale, we needed all hands on deck to make sure we lived up to this. Throughout the week-long deployment, we collected over 1000 search and rescue cases involving 5200+ survivors from Facebook and Twitter." Read the Review on Great Nonprofits


Domestic State and Local Activations

  • Hill Air Force Base in Utah 2017 Activation (airshow monitoring)

  • McHenry County, IL Emergency Management Agency Activation Flood 2017

  • Sacramento County OES - Activation in response to flooding

  • California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

  • Maryland Emergency Management - Hurricane Sandy 2012

  • City of New Orleans/State of LA Activation 2017 Floods

  • Hills Alert Community Facebook page - Activation Australia 2015 Fires

  • Altus Oklahoma Emergency Management - Activation Moore Tornado 2015

  • New York VOST - Activation Hurricane Sandy 2012

Organizations and communities we've supported

Academic Collaborations

Exercise Collaborations

  • USA Pacific Command Pacific Endeavor Exercise MCIP Program 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Blog - helping our neighbors
  • DataPath and Public Library National Level Exercise 2018
  • USA Pacific Command and DARPA Pacific Endeavor 2018 Nepal
  • New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management - Exercise Tangaroa 2017
  • FEMA and Virginia Emergency Management - National Level Exercise 2017
  • USA DHS S&T Canadian USA cross-border exercise - CAUSE Exercise 2014 Collaboration article
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC July 2013
  • Florida State University - Quack Attack Florida State Governors Conference 2013
  • Florida Broward County Social Media Training and Operation Resilient Response 2013
  • New Zealand Wellington Emergency Management - Zombie Social Media Exercise 2013
  • USA Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Simulation - SIMEX - April 2012
  • Pacific Command Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2012 - First HA/DR Ford Island Hawaii - Joint Chiefs of Staff Quicknets HA/DR Exercise 80 Volunteers from 13 Countries
  • Great Central Shakeout - October 2012
  • Camp Roberts Wash , DC Feb 2011
  • Great Central & Great American Shakeouts 2011
  • Virginia VOAD Exercise - Nov 2011
  • Arizona University DMML Game Aug 2011
  • USA Department of Defense CPX Ft. Bragg NC Sept 2011
  • Great California Shakeout October 2010
  • US Navy Joint Chiefs of Staff Quicknets HA/DR Exercise 80 Volunteers from 13 Countries Article
  • X24 Mexico/California - SDSU - San Diego State University DHS Student Master Program
  • Samoa Virtual Exercise - Dec 2011 - Samoa Emergency Management
  • Florida - Brevard County - SMEM Class
  • US European Command - EUCOM Exercise 24 2010 & 2011 Provided Exercise Development - 49,000 participants from 92 nations News Story



"As a Pacific Disaster Center representative I worked with Humanity Road (HR) staff in an exercise environment supporting a multinational disaster response exercise. The HR staff were clearly experts in their field. PDC looks forward working with HR in the future on real or exercise environment disaster response" - Pacific Disaster Center Read Full Review on Great Nonprofits



Memberships and Affiliations