Chennai Floods

Chennai, India has been experiencing record-breaking rains and flooding since early November. Beginning on 1 December, the rain intensified again creating more flooding and causing thousands of people to be stranded and trapped. An estimated 188 people have died, and over 200,000 have been displaced.

Chennai Floods Sitrep No 2, 5 Dec 2015

Chennai Floods Sitrep No 1 Dec4 2015 

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  1. I just posted a link to your site on a Verizon internal blog regarding you Chennai relief.

    We’ll see if they approve my post and your efforts get recognized at the company. I hope it helps.

    Much love to you guys. I think of you all often. You do such great work!!

  2. Chennai floods :
    Two to three years back the city of Mumbai [ Bombay ] received 100 [one hundred centimeter ] rain with in 24 hours . But Mumbai ‘ s flood waters drained with in one day into sea . This is because all the drainage systems were de-silted before rains and so the water drained into sea easily .
    But in Chennai there was only 49 [ fourty nine ] centimeter of rain in 24 hours . but due to improper drainage system the Channai was completely sub merged under water for 15 days . But the authorities are putting blame on rain gods .
    No political party is telling the fact about Mumbai rains of 100 centimeter & how it drained into sea with out damage .
    In future the government should give importance to experts in civil engineering & structural engineering in high level decision making so as to save general public from natural & man made calamities .
    Chennai has no professionals in the fields of flood discharge planning , earthquake protection engineering , structural engineering in decision making level .That is why natural calamities such as floods & man made calamities such as multi story building collapse are happening . .To redeem & develop Chennai from ruins we must form one Development authority for Chennai comprising of above said professionals as the decision making authorities . They can be selected from IIT , anna university , & PWD to be posted as board of directors along with other regular board members .
    I am writing it in the interest of general public . Jacob jayachandra . Chennai .

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