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2015 National Combined Federal Campaign

Federal employees can pledge to Humanity Road using CFC #28433 during the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign.

“We are deeply grateful for the support from federal employees that make it possible for us to continue to provide aid to the public affected by disaster and we are honored to be included in the National Combined Federal Campaign again in 2015, said President Christine Thompson.

Some highlights of how your support has helped;

Over the past five years, Humanity Road responded to more than 900 events, facilitated the rescue of 205 people, and helped another 80,000 people receive life-sustaining aid, e.g., food, water, shelter and medicine. Throughout these endeavors, the organization maintained its commitment to accuracy, timeliness, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

In 2014, Humanity Road responded to 167 events in 44 countries, helped more than 30,000 people obtain aid, participated in domestic and international preparedness exercises, and Great Nonprofits rated us as a top nonprofit for the second time.

In 2013, Humanity Road responded to 201 events. More than 121 lives were saved and 10,000 people received food and water. We participated in many preparedness exercises, and Great Nonprofits rated us as a top nonprofit.

In 2012, volunteers contributed 20,000 hours of service and responded to 312 events saving more than 60 lives were saved and 40,000 people received aid.

In 2011, the organization contributed more than 17,000 hours of service and responded to 147 events. We trained local volunteers after the Christ Church, New Zealand earthquake, collaborated with CERT teams in Chicago during a severe winter storm, supported an aid agency responding to the Sendai, Japan earthquake, participated in preparedness exercises domestically and abroad, and launched a new website.

In 2010, during our founding year, Humanity Road responded to 72 events in 53 countries including 33 states and territories in the United States. Dozens of lives were saved in direct relay. Volunteers published the first online list of the status of hospitals for Haiti. We provided  a script of first aid instructions and helpful phrases in English and Creole, which aid providers used both inside Haiti and at the call center at the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC that handled urgent calls for help after the earthquake.

Not a federal employee? Want to support our work?  Donate online at https://humanityroad.org/donations.