Kumamoto Earthquake

On 15 April 2016 at 16:25:06 (UTC), 16 April, 01:25 (Japan Time Zone), a magnitude 7.1 earthquake was reported on the island of Kyushu in Japan (source). The magnitude was later adjusted to 7.0. This quake comes following a series of multiple quakes over the past several days, the largest of which was a 6.2 on the 14th. Following the 6.2 quake, there were already reports of significant damage in the Kumamoto area and especially in the town of Mashiki. Initially following the 7.0 larger quake a Tsunami Advisory was issued by the Japanese Meteorological Agency but was later suspended. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued information but no further details were needed, and there is no threat of a Pacific wide tsunami. Due to the previous quakes there were already shelters open in several areas.

Download Situation Reports:
22 Apr 2016 – Special Regional Report #1 PDF (English/Japanese) 
17 Apr 2016 – Situation Report #2 PDF (Japanese) ヒューマニティロードは九州震災に関する「九州震状況報告書
17 Apr 2016 – Situation Report #2 PDF PDF (English)
16 Apr 2016 – Situation Report #1 (PDF) (English )

Below is a near real time situation report: