Photo of Power clip which clips overtop battery terminals to provide a power source to charge USB devices

Hurricane Sandy – Field Innovation Power

New York

Guest Post by Robin Reid, Design Student from NYU - After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, we were amazed by the work that was being done on the ground by so many relief organizations to help the residents of our city. As design students, we were taking creative ways that relief volunteers and ordinary citizens were working within tough constraints for the sole purpose of serving others. We were particularly impressed by the presence and dedication by the team from Humanity Road in the Rockaways. They successfully addressed a seemingly small, but crucial issue — how to make power accessible for the nurses and community leaders that were working hard to identify and support their most vulnerable neighbors.

In the midst of that experience, we were inspired to tweak a product that we had in development, and this is how the PowerClip emerged.

The basis for our inspiration was to find a way empower first-responders and victims with a simple and safe way to access power immediately after a disaster. We wanted to enable an opportunity that would allow people to keep their communications devices healthy. This way relief coordination, connecting with loved ones and friends could happen without interruption.