Humanity Road works on process improvement projects that can enhance the disaster response chain of care. We collaborate with government, academia, industry, and technology companies testing technology, and projects that improve machine learning and pattern recognition for disaster response information. Here you will find some case studies regarding recent projects.

Aerial image of Typhoon Hagupit along the coast of Philippines

After Action Review Typhoon Hagupit


From December 4 -10, 2014, Humanity Road’s virtual volunteer team was engaged in an online disaster response for Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby). The typhoon, initially classified as a Category 5 super typhoon on December 3, made landfall on December 6 in Eastern Samar, which is a province of the...

Photo of Power clip which clips overtop battery terminals to provide a power source to charge USB devices

Hurricane Sandy – Field Innovation Power

New York

Guest Post by Robin Reid, Design Student from NYU - After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, we were amazed by the work that was being done on the ground by so many relief organizations to help the residents of our city. As design students, we were taking creative ways that relief volunteers and...

Destruction from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy and Disaster Networks Good Practices

New York

Hurricane Sandy and Disaster Networks – Key Observations, Good Practices and Challenges. This top pick provides great insights from Rakesh Bharania on Superstorm Sandy.

Typhoon Hagupit whips up waves that are beating against boats and trees along the shore

Typhoon Hagupit (RubyPH) Map Sampling


by: Leonard Olyott & Keeve Brine, In an increasingly connected world, the ability of the members of the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) to respond rapidly from anywhere in the world to offer assistance to disaster events is growing rapidly and becoming more coordinated and focused....

Color Coded Map of Vanuatu Early Indications of Impacts

Cyclone Pam - Early Indications Map


After forming in the Pacific Ocean on March 6, 2015, Cyclone Pam left a path of destruction across the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Tuvalu before making landfall in Vanuatu on March 13 as a Category 5 storm. All of the island nations affected suffered serious damage to infrastructure,...

Hurricane Sandy surge left cars buried in sand in the streets

Hurricane Sandy - Analysis of Twitter

New York

When Sandy made landfall in New York and along the New Jersey shoreline, the storm itself had already devastated islands in the Caribbean and moved along the eastern seaboard causing damage in coastal states along the way. In a much similar manner, the tweet stream about the storm ebbed and...

Hiker climbing Mt. Everest pauses in the shadow of the mountain covered in snow

Nepal Earthquake 2015


On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by a shallow magnitude 7.8 earthquake centered 34 km ESE of Lamjung District. Called the Gorkha earthquake, it killed over 8,800 people and destroyed nearly 600,000 houses in rural districts near the epicenter and in the capital city of Kathmandu (...

Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Beach New York

Find Shelter For Me – Rockaway New York


Many people ask “Why don’t they leave and find shelter”, today we are walking the path of the residents of Rockaway. This isn’t an attempt to judge, or criticize any system or tool, as we work with every one of these great groups. The Rockaways residents refer to the situation best when they...

photo of a family being rescued when Humanity Road requested help for their community

When Silence Is A Cry For Help


When is silence a cry for help? Sometimes the absence of information emerging in a disaster is a cry for help. Modern social media data mining tools have been advancing their capabilities in order to find the signal in the noise of social media. But sometimes, the very absence of noise is a cry...