Humanity Road delivers disaster preparedness and response information to the global mobile public before, during, and after a disaster. Providing aid information helps individuals survive, sustain, and reunite with each other and with their pets. Humanity Road strives to close the disaster communications gap through process improvement, collaboration, partnerships, education and training.

About Humanity Road

Each day communities around the world are impacted by natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, disease outbreak such as cholera, volcanic eruptions, solar flares and even man-made disasters. Founded in 2010, Humanity Road is a unique 501(c)(3) volunteer-based public charity that harnesses the power of the internet and mobile-based technologies to close the communications gap when natural disasters strike. Humanity Road is a leader in the field of online disaster response, providing social media disaster training and participating in both civilian and military communications exercises worldwide.




What We Do

Volunteers monitor emerging events; slow moving natural disasters and natural calamities, such as floods or typhoons and fast moving events such as an earthquakes or tornadoes. Under the leadership of founders Chris Thompson and Cat Graham, a team of global volunteers employ social media to monitor the online chatter associated with disaster events. Download Humanity Road Brochure.


Routing Urgent Needs

Volunteers collect situational information and amplify official messaging. Volunteers route critical emergency aid information to those in need, connecting official charity, aid organizations and nonprofits with those requiring assistance or aid.




Situation Reports

A situation report is published for significant disasters. Humanity Road accomplishes these tasks through trusted techniques, a strict policy of “verify-times-2,” and by utilizing new technologies such as crowdsourcing and crisis mapping. These technologies are transforming emergency response by vastly improving situational reporting during disasters.  You can now subscribe to the situation report. Look for “Subscribe to blog” on the right menu.


Program Areas

Disaster Preparedness: We assist emergency management and local responders with exercises, drills, and table top events. We can help you with social media planning and execution for exercises including simulating the crowd and simulated crowd maps. We also provide public service campaign amplification in social media. Humanity Road can help you with your exercise. We help design disaster preparedness exercises that include elements of social media and crowd-sourcing or crisis mapping. These included Camp Roberts Relief in the United States, Exercise 24 Europe (X24) in Montenegro, an exercise at Arizona State University, one for the U.S. Army, a donations management exercise with Virginia VOAD, Pacific Endeavor in Cambodia, and RIMPAC in Hawaii

Disaster Response: We specialize in retrieving actionable information online at the onset of disaster by finding urgent messages in the noise on social media. By request Humanity Road will activate to provide surge support online for media monitoring and onsite for community based communications solutions or onsite. People impacted by disaster search to find loved ones, find hospital, find food, find shelter and often are challenged by damaged or saturated communications. When requested Humanity Road works onsite to help identify impacts and re-establish communications following disasters to advance recovery and reunification. Through its operations and with support from technology aid partners Disaster Tech Lab and ITDRC, over 48,000 affected residents in the Rockaways were provided with communications access at its community command center created by the local community after heavy damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Process Improvement:  We are committed to improving the disaster response process and offer customized training for emergency responders on the use of social media and crisismapping. Ask about our “HR How – Hands on Workshop Series”  Process Improvement includes industry participation and sharing best practices. In 2012 Humanity Road joined the Department of Homeland Security First Responders Communities of Practice as a member of the Virtual Social Media Working Group (VSMWG). The mission of this group is to document lessons learned in the use of social media for emergency management. Humanity Road was also invited to participate in the FEMA Innovation Team–a unique team identifying and implementing innovative solutions to complex problems to improve disaster response.

Animals in Disaster

At Humanity Road, reunification also includes reuniting families, pets and other animals displaced during natural disasters or man-made disasters. Through its Animals in Disaster program, Humanity Road compiles lists of animal rescue charity and aid organizations, shelters, veterinarians, and wildlife resources, and its volunteers monitor social media to identify urgent animal needs and connect individuals with local resources. Follow @jAIDdog for disaster preparedness and response information, seasonal tweets about pet safety, standard safety tips, @DisasterAnimals  for information or instructions for animals impacted by disasters. Sign up volunteer to assist animals in disaster.

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