A New Look

Welcome to a new year and a new look for Humanity Road!  2014 is the year of the Volunteer at Humanity Road and to start the year we are very happy to announce a new look for our website and an improved volunteer portal.


Our new website has a fresh look and clean lines, and some great enhancements. The site is responsive so that content will display on various mobile devices in both landscape and portrait views. Our social links are more prominently displayed on the homepage making it easier to find us in social media.

The website is also WordPress based making it easier for our volunteers to engage in building content and situation reports.  These are just a few of the new features.

Volunteer Portal

With our new website we have launched a great new volunteer portal which allows us to share and coordinate volunteer opportunities more effectively.   Volunteers have a more automated approach for finding and signing up for opportunities, scheduling, setting goals, and training.  Visit our volunteer center to learn more about upcoming events, recognition and other resources.

We wish to send a big thank you out to the all the volunteers who have been involved in the many hours of creating our new home.  Special thank you to our tech team  Jeff VanOuwerkerk at Kerkian Consulting, Darwin Witt, Ethan Wiggins, Aline Carr, Patricia Mavo and our test team including Cindy Becker, Robin S. Smith, Nadia Berger and Alice McGowan.  You make everything possible!

Best wishes for 2014 and thanks for a great start to the new year.