• Special Message:
  • "Humanity Road is suspending its disaster response operations during the second quarter (4/1/2020-6/30/2020) due to coronavirus COVID19 and the economic impact of its effect on our operations. Please follow the guidance from your local officials. Our thoughts are with you and your families at this time. Stay safe." - Chris and Cat
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Providing Valuable Resources and Communication In Emergency Situations

Humanity Road (#hmrd) connects people, animals and emergency officials with help and resources when disaster strikes. During a disaster, impacted areas become overwhelmed, and viable lifesaving solutions and information can become impossible to find. Humanity Road is an additional lifeline (the bridge) for the affected public, local officials and emergency response teams. Using innovative technology and social listening platforms, Humanity Road helps locate, organize and connect people and communities with valuable information and critical resources.

On September 10, 2018, as Hurricane Florence approached the Carolinas, we put out the call to Humanity Road for assistance. Humanity Road began by amplifying our trusted source social media accounts and monitored for unmet needs from our public. They then added value to their service by providing us with crowd sourced and other information including the marine vessels still off our coastline. - Emergency Manager

Why We're Different

Mission: We help the public survive, sustain and reunite after catastrophic disaster by closing the black hole of communications. We monitor social media to save lives. We connect people and animal owners with those who can provide them aid.

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We Use Technology To Save Lives

Humanity Road uses innovative technology to help find and solve critical needs. After a situation is resolved, Humanity Road reviews and executes improvement plans for machine learning as well as help local governments and responders adapt and prepare for future activation.

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Around the World

Every year, we help thousands of people and animals survive sudden onset disaster. Some of those rescued were never heard, Humanity Road uses pattern recognition techniques and helps give them a voice by training others to listen for the silent cry.


Learn more about Our Story and how two sisters created an award winning charity that pioneered a new approach to the"survive, sustain, reunite" strategy when faced with a sudden onset disaster.